Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shady's Back - Tell a Friend

Yes, Yes, I'm back from vacation and I'm actually out of the hibernation which I spent the last two days in. Seeing as I have to go back to work tomorrow I thought now was as good a time as any to pretend I actually care about what's going on in the world.

So how about that Peter Jennings? And how about I heard Katie Couric talking about lung cancer and him and I didn't even put two and two together (I missed the beginning of the newscast.) Personally I'm more upset about Hunter Kelly. He didn't spend years of his life smoking....

Anyway, until I get some pics from vaca I'll just be writing stuff here, I know, I know, the pictures keep you coming back. And get this - I didn't even WRITE this! My friend, who shall remain anonymous, requested that this be posted on the Blog. Please tell me your thoughts -

Is Pink the New Black??

Recently on a trip to the Sterling Renaissance Festival I was witness to an alarming trend among American Women. I know who we have to thank for it, but I will not name names... Lily Pulitzer should really sue IsaacMizrahi and Target for knocking off her Palm Beach esque line for all ofAmerica to wear.

The trend that I speak of is that people think thatPink is the new black and that it's slimming and that everyone looks great in it. There were countless women and a few men who felt it was their right towear this color. That regardless of their size or shape, that they had the right to wear it.

Pink is like Spandex, it's not a right.. its a privilege!

And let me just state for the record... I realize that the demographic of those who might attend the Sterling Renaissance Festival might be abit skewed to the low end of the human gene pool (MY SELF EXCLUDED OFCOURSE), but come on people... I have seen this in the office and even on TV...

Pink is NOT the New Black... Say it with me... PINK IS NOT THE NEW BLACK.


Liam said...

I wholeheartedly agree...my partner (ever the fashion slave and gossip queen) recently purchased me a pink/red/and off white shirt by Tommy Hilfiger...I was not amused. I look gay enough without THAT much help!

Anonymous said...

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Michele said...

I can't believe someone self-promoted on your site!!

Anonymous said...

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