Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Love IS a Battlefield

You know how we know that Jordin Sparks? Cause Pat Benetar wrote a song about it close to 30 years ago. Now you come along with your Battlefield song, all singing with your weirdness and making me think "What the hell did she just say?" Why just yesterday I realized you weren't saying "gitcha rama." You were saying "get your armor." I GET IT! For the Battle. On the Battlefield. But you didn't have to tell me 4,500 times, once or twice would suffice. Instead, you told me to get my armor so many times I started to think about the word armor, so long that I started to doubt it was even a word. Then I started to think "good god, who wears armor anymore?" Kevlar vests - that's where it's at. Then I started to think about who wrote that shitty song. Couldn't they come up with something else to say? I mean, Pat never told me 4,500 times "we are young." She said it a few times, and I got the gist. I'm not dumb, dude. Don't be acting like I am just cause of "gitcha rama." For all I know, Webster added "githcha rama" to the Dictionary when I wasn't looking.

Man, Babies are SO LUCKY!