Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Fun

Busy weekend. Wedding, Communion and NKOTBSB.

For those of you who aren't 12, or 34 (and who went through the New Kids craze) that's the combined tour of the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. I enjoyed every minute of that show, which is a shock cause I really was expecting to know like 5 songs and to sit playing on my phone the rest of the time.

In ANY case, Pamcakes and I hit up the city early before the show to grab some dinner. The wait at Pearl Street was an hour, and there were a gozillion girls in homemade t-shirts hanging around the outside, so we headed to Main Street. And where did our feet take us?

City Grill.

Dun dun dun.

There were no girls in hand crafted, bedazzled cotton shirts out front, so we weren't even sure it was open, and I'll tell you what - that is a damned shame, since it's a nice place and the food was excellent. And the jokes - well the jokes you can make while you are there? They can't be beat. I mean, the best part of the night, besides the concert and the delish chicken sandwich, was the conversation we had as we walked in the door.

Me: What's that smell?
Pam: Death.
Me: Ohhhh...that's low (as I practiced ducking under a table to avoid a stray bullet.)

As you can see by this post, and the fact that I am now a full fledged fan of the Backstreet Boys, we made it through dinner unscatched. So if you are reading this, consider going to City Grill. They could use the business. And then you can wear one of those shirts that says "I survived" with the City Grill logo under it.