Friday, November 18, 2005


Ganked from

Secretary: Oh wow, these are good.

Attorney: What are you eating?

Secretary: They are meatless meatballs.

Attorney: So essentially, you're just eating balls.

me: hahahahahahahahahahaha

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Seven Days More

So only seven more days until Thanksgiving, which many of you may know, is my favorite holiday of the year. I think it's partly because my birthday is right after it, and partly because there is all the fun of the family hanging around together, without all the greed of Christmas Day with the screams of "where is my pile of gifts, bring me my pile," while someone is running around carrying gifts, up until it's their turn, then they turn into a lazy sack of shit who just sits on the couch and can't even hold the bag of used, ripped wrapping paper. I really shouldn't talk about those people, cause I'm one of them. I'm all about handing peeps their gifts until it's my turn, then I want it all brought to me and placed in front of me like I'm a queen or sumthin'! Then I tell people Move out of the way, I'm older, I want to sit on the couch, and I make them spare a square (a square cushion you freaks, not TP!)

Anyway, I'm excited about Thanksgiving, I like when you have the "ends" of the plate that is all combined together, the turkey and the Stove Top and the Mashed Potatoes are all in one big pile. Oman, that's exciting. The only thing that stinks is WAITING for the meal, we don't eat until 6 or so and by then I'm like "dude, bring out the turkey and if it's raw who cares?" cause I'm so hungry by then. Perhaps I'll have a snack at 2 p.m. this year to tide myself over, instead of just hanging around the olive bowl and getting yelled at for sneaking them when no one is looking. At least I THINK they aren't looking, but with 20 people, someone always sees. Good thing I rarely listen to anyone who is telling me NOT to do something. At that point I just say "what, what, I didn't do it" and look around like it was someone near me who took the olives. OR I say "it's my hot body, I'll do what I want!"

Also exciting this time of year is Black Friday, which I recently found out is every day when shopping in Washington DC or Virginia. Everywhere we went was all crowded, you had to wait for tables at restaurants, couldn't find a parking spot to save your life. I'm happy it's only like that two days a year in these parts of town - one being Black Friday (the other being the Saturday before Christmas, which this year is Christmas Eve. Should be interesting.)

OK people, and how about the snow this morning? I guess it didn't snow that much in the City, and it didn't at all in Tonawanda, but in Cheektowaga my friends, it snowed. So much that I had to walk all gentle to my car so I didn't fall, and then I had to go on the manhunt for the snowbrush, which I found in my car underneath a big pile of Race for the Cure t-shirts and Sierra Mist Free bottles. Which were full I might add - I'm drinking one now! Anyway, I had to brush off my car and I longed for the days when I lived at home and my parents let me park in the garage. Ahh, yesteryears. At least the driving wasn't bad, I heard people was all spinning out on the 400 and I was like "What fools, living in the Southtowns." Hahaha!!

So my TV shows are still going along nicely. Lost gave us an update on what the "tailies" had been doing all of last season (a lot of walking around from what I saw) and Survivor should be very exciting tonight, even though I'm out of the work pool with the loss of Bobby Jon last week. However, the stupid Country Music Awards were on Tuesday, which means they didn't run The Amazing Race. I was all excited, we turned on the TeeVee at 9 p.m. and I see someone on a stage and I think, no this can't be right. But it is. Everywhere you looked you saw cowboy boots and hats. I think I even saw someone wearing chaps. Who would have thunk that they'd put the CMAs on during Sweeps Month. I just don't get it.

On a side note, I still don't get the whole "Tom Cruise Katie Holmes thing." Anyone feel like explaining to me???