Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So Much for the Dollar Menu

Oh, I enjoyed the Dollar Menu at Wendy's just as much as you until I read this article.

Bon apetit!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ba Da Bamp Bamp Ba - I'm Lovin' It

Sing that title just like Justin Timberlake kickin' the smooth groove in tribute to the all-white meat Chicken McNuggets.

So I just got the laugh of the day from Carl and it's worth mentioning here what made me laugh. When I asked "How was Easter," his reply was:

"Me and Lisa went out for dinner. We had braised rabbit."

Now tell me you aren't laughing!

I already wrote this post but when I went to actually "Publish Post" I got an error message and lost it so I'm going to have to recreate some of it tomorrow - I have a very exciting lunchtime poll topic which I would like everyone to vote on. If I was more tech savvy I'd have an actual survey think you could click on and submit answers, but I just like to write it and have you comment on things. I mean come on people, just because I've got the handheld computer doesn't mean I know what I'm doing with it!

So this morning I got here at 6:40 a.m. When I looked at my watch a few hours later, thinking it was going to be about 11 a.m., it was really 8:30. Imagine my digust when I knew I had to wait another four hours for lunch....All I can say is thank god it's 2:08 cause I can hit the bricks soon. Might I add there were a ton of cars on the 1-90 this morning. What are people doing in their cars at 5:45 a.m? They should be in bed! BED! With the other normal folks.

Question for today - do you prefer the McNuggets or those new Chicken Strips from McDonalds? I do enjoy the strips but they are mighty pricey. I find McNuggets to satisfy my craving for chicken just fine without cramping the budget. And that Buffalo sauce is se magnifique! What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy the real chicken taste of the Strips? *Cause although they say it's all white meat in the McNuggets, I'm not so sure sometimes....

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Bunny Visits Depew

Leaves a 20 pack of Peeps, a bag of Werther's Originals (which are now in a candy dish on Slate Creek Drive) and cash donation.

Anyone interested in the Peeps please let the author know. She does not have the heart to let her mother know she dislikes Peeps and was further disgusted once she learned they would not disolve in a glass of hot chocolate.

(It's SUPPOSED to be Marshmallow right? Wouldn't it melt then? You'd think!)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter - Easter Bunny

I just noticed this year that Easter is very anti-climactic now that I'm 28 and that I am not living in the house where my basket gets hidden. Actually I wouldn't call it a basket, and it's not exactly hidden. It's usually candy and maybe a CD or money on the kitchen table or on the sewing machine that my mom says "Easter Bunny got this for you," and I say Wooo! But since I didn't sleep there I woke up this morning thinking "isn't this just like any other normal day?" I guess I really should have gone to mass...

Back to the ongoing investigation regarding the U2 tour, these crazy obsessed people (more crazy obsessed than me) staked out the arena where the band was doing their dress rehearsal for the show and they actually invited them in. F-d up dude. So they posted the set list and I'm very disapointed. They are playing some golden oldies which, if I was a fan back in the 80s I'm sure I'd be stoked about. But I was 5 and 7 when some of the songs came out and I just can't get that excited about them. I'll have to try though.

Onward to more depressing news - I learned this about the General Admission lineup.

-Fans with GA tickets will be given a numbered wristband in the morning when the venue allows arrivals (or whenever you show up);
-Fans with wristbands will be told to return later in the day at a time set by the venue
at that time, 200 numbers will be selected by a random number generator; those numbers will be announced/posted for all to see;
-Those 200 fans will trade in their original wristband for a new wristband that allows access into the "egg";
-Each of the 200 fans will be allowed to bring in one other GA ticket holder; this is based on the two GA ticket limit, and is done to allow friends to stay together;

Well that kind of sucks now doesn't it? I guess it's fair for the people who have to work but damned baby - this is going to make it difficult to get pictures with my 1/2 inch zoom lens. I'll just have to sneak in my telephoto lens - perhaps under a nice hat or one of those Artic Zone coats with the poofy poofy all over.

Except I DON'T HAVE A TELEPHOTO LENS. How am I going to get good pictures. More importantly, how am I going to get close to the band if my wristband doesn't get picked and thent ell everyone "I was THIS close!" Good Lord. Makes me think maybe they should just get seats back, except for that show when the stoned people in front of me were standing on their seats the entire time, thus blocking my view of the entire show (I'm only 5'6" for crying out loud!)

Onward -

Does anyone out there have the Alice in Chains Greatest Hits cd? If you would let me know and either let me borrow it or burn it for me, I would be very grateful. You just let me know OK?

Saturday, March 26, 2005

People are Pissing Me Off

In light of this nice Easter weekend and reminder of Jesus dying for us (see yesterday's post about Meatless Fridays), I still find myself focusing on stupid mundane details of a bad week and the people who piss me off. Pissing me off the most right now is Raymour & Flanigan, one of the sponsors of the Komen Race who is making the Race PR committee miserable right now with demands of changes on marketing collateral. If you see a Raymour and Flanigan this weekend in your travels, egg it for me. Actually if you read this weeks from now and see a R&F after that, egg it again, those bastards deserve it. They make me want to shop at Valu City, and I don't care if the furniture will fall apart in a year, it'll be worth it just so that I'll feel vindicated.

So I'm celebrating the day before Easter by sitting on my ass. Earlier I watched some Alias Season 1 and now I think I'm going to take a nice nap. I want to be refreshed so that I won't get tired searching for my Easter Basket tomorrow morning. Imagine my horror that one year when I stayed up all night and then when I went looking for it I fell asleep on the floor of the bathroom. I think that was the year I got the Michael Jackson Thriller Album - what was it, 82 maybe? I also got the Smurf's Smurfing Singsong Album - that was the bomb. It had "I'm a Pink Toothbrush, You're a Blue Toothbrush" on it. That's what I'm talkin' bout!

U2 tour opens in two more days. I hope I find out from the other obsessed fans what the set list is like, it's always nice to know what's coming so I'll know if I can leave for Nachos.

OK OF course I'm kidding, like I'd leave that show for Nachos. They aren't Dave Matthews Band.

True story - I have heard from a reliable source (Jane) that they stopped selling beer after the 2nd song DMB played at one of their shows at the Ralph and once she and her friend sobered up that show got real bad, real quick. Of course I believe it - they are hosers...

Peace and Happy Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Stupid Hello

I'm having trouble uploading the pics so I didn't put the Big Burger on yet, but I will. For now you'll have to look at the boys enjoying their meat in the dining room which is where they sit, eat and talk about nickels and dimes. (I think it's nickels and's something about football and Mexico City.)

So today is the Good Friday and I didn't eat any meat for lunch but my cousin is coming over tonight and we are going to watch the U2 Slane video and what if he wants to eat something like chicken or beef? Am I to watch him committ the sin and sit idly by? What if I remind him "Jesus DIED for us you know," I wonder if that will matter. I don't think it will, I think it's too much of a stretch. It's really hard to think about Jesus not wanting us to eat meat on Friday's when the Pope can go and give us dispensation when St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday. What is that about? Like people HAVE to have Corned Beef that day? They can't just have a nice fish fry? Oh, I'm all fired up about this!

Back to U2 - my cousin David is a full fledged fan now! I began my work of converting him a few months back. I did it slowly, giving him a CD, then talking about the band. Then I encouraged him to listen to songs he might like, then I started giving him more and more CDs and talking about the tour. Last night I said "do you want to go to the Buffalo show?" and I got a "hell yeah!" Actually he didn't say that, he said something else, the kid isn't Dr. Dre for crying out loud. So anyway, there will have a large contingent of people I know waiting in the GA line on December 9th. I just hope they don't make us wait in the cold, that would suck.

Oh - and I JUST found out they make Mahjong for the Pocket PC. I only have Solitaire which gets really boring but I'm going to buy this Mahjong because I love it so much. It's the bomb! If you want to play, click here!

That's what I'm talkin' bout!

I Want 'em Real Thick and Juicy

The Boys and The Meat Posted by Hello


So that is the new saying of the week which might make it into saying of the month, or year, depending on how much better or worse work gets. Jane actually made it up, and now every morning when I come out of my room to take a shower I say it. This morning she said "I thought the same thing when I woke up this morning." Not saying we are jerks, but those of you who like work - well YOU are the jerks! I personally would like nothing more than to have it where none of my friends or family worked so we could hang out all the time and play Spoons.

I just remembered something - Kristen sent me some photos yesterday of our All American Festival and she had a picture of the monster burgers which we made/cooked and ate, thanks to Ryan's parent's grill and Fred's skillful handling of the meat. I think he had experience before.

I'm going to run and fetch the pic! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Watching Your Bright Blue Eyes In the Freeze Frame

I'm so freaking tired. I'm going to go home and take a nice nap before Survivor comes on. Bet your sweet ass tomorrow I'm going to be bitching that I couldn't sleep at night cause I took a nap. Bet ya bet ya!

On a side note it was freezing last night and I have this heating pad that I got when my back was acting up. Well I busted that out and put it on my feet last night before I went to bed. Now that is what ya call a Little Piece of Heaven! I think I might be asking for a nice Electric Blanket for my birfday next year!

I just read an article that says Rosie O'Donnell has a blog and it's hosted at blogspot. So I took and look and well - it's odd. Just odd. I was thinking she'd write like she talks, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It's like she's trying to write in a fancy artistic style (possibly attempting haikus) and she's just failing miserably with thoughts all over the place. Take a look and let me know what you think. Has Rosie gone off the deep end? Just because you say you were depressed and went on meds doesn't mean that we say "awww" when you tell us you were depressed and went on the meds. When you pull shit like writing random thoughts with no structure and ramble on and on then we think 'Ok, they need to up the dosage cuz somethin' ain't working." Not like I'm writing such intellectual stuff here that you go ponder what I write, but I'm not doing this.

Rosie O'Donnell
What's the deal?
I'm so tired.
Must get more sleep to function.

Got the meds.
I'm an artist.
Went to the store for bread
Peanut butter
Where's Tommy?

Anyway - take a peek at the freak!

Now don't you find Dude, WTF??? much funnier!!!????

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hello, Hello - Hola

I'm at a place called Vertigo (Como Esta!) Posted by Hello

True to their word U2 has done something about the ticket fiasco from last month and they've apparantly fixed the glitches. That is the word from the Wirelings (a bunch of other dorks who are as obsessed with U2 as I am.) In any case, Monday the band announced the third leg of the tour and I'm happy to report that they'll be in Buffalo on December 9th. On a side note, how cute is my mother to call me at work today to tell me they are coming - she's so cute. Thinking I was all in the dark and stuff two days after I found out! Too nice I say, too nice!

Re: the tickets - they are lettting former Propoganda members buy tickets a day earlier than all other members and since I was a Prop member I fall into that category, even though I already used my code to get the Phoenix tickets. I feel a bit bad about that but, um, not really. I would be complaining in this very same spot if I hadn't used my code and they would have reinstated it. I'd be all "I got hosed," but now I'm like "works for me!" I also had Jane join up the fan club so I can get her two seats. I'll be waiting in the cold all winter to see my boys.

Anyway, December 9th they'll be at HSBC - the 3rd leg is opening in Toronto so I'm hoping to go to that too. Well I'm actually hoping to go to both Toronto shows but I have to choose my battles. They'll also be in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Surprisingly there were no shows in Vegas which I thought was odd. I bet they were worried about getting Adam too close to all those free booze (hooooo). In any case I'm very excited as you can well imagine. I've posted this fine picture of Lawrence for you to gaze upon whilst reading my ramblings of nothing. I'm not crazy about his sunnies either (just so you know.)

In other news, I heard a very funny joke which I thought I'd share with you all. Don't bother telling me it's really mean. You don't know from mean until I've told you the Tuna Cans joke.

Q. What's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?

A. Christopher Walken.

HAHAHAHAHAH. Pretend like you aren't laughing, go on! For crying out loud I didn't THINK of the joke, I'm just copying it!