Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hello, Hello - Hola

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True to their word U2 has done something about the ticket fiasco from last month and they've apparantly fixed the glitches. That is the word from the Wirelings (a bunch of other dorks who are as obsessed with U2 as I am.) In any case, Monday the band announced the third leg of the tour and I'm happy to report that they'll be in Buffalo on December 9th. On a side note, how cute is my mother to call me at work today to tell me they are coming - she's so cute. Thinking I was all in the dark and stuff two days after I found out! Too nice I say, too nice!

Re: the tickets - they are lettting former Propoganda members buy tickets a day earlier than all other members and since I was a Prop member I fall into that category, even though I already used my code to get the Phoenix tickets. I feel a bit bad about that but, um, not really. I would be complaining in this very same spot if I hadn't used my code and they would have reinstated it. I'd be all "I got hosed," but now I'm like "works for me!" I also had Jane join up the fan club so I can get her two seats. I'll be waiting in the cold all winter to see my boys.

Anyway, December 9th they'll be at HSBC - the 3rd leg is opening in Toronto so I'm hoping to go to that too. Well I'm actually hoping to go to both Toronto shows but I have to choose my battles. They'll also be in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Surprisingly there were no shows in Vegas which I thought was odd. I bet they were worried about getting Adam too close to all those free booze (hooooo). In any case I'm very excited as you can well imagine. I've posted this fine picture of Lawrence for you to gaze upon whilst reading my ramblings of nothing. I'm not crazy about his sunnies either (just so you know.)

In other news, I heard a very funny joke which I thought I'd share with you all. Don't bother telling me it's really mean. You don't know from mean until I've told you the Tuna Cans joke.

Q. What's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?

A. Christopher Walken.

HAHAHAHAHAH. Pretend like you aren't laughing, go on! For crying out loud I didn't THINK of the joke, I'm just copying it!

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