Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter - Easter Bunny

I just noticed this year that Easter is very anti-climactic now that I'm 28 and that I am not living in the house where my basket gets hidden. Actually I wouldn't call it a basket, and it's not exactly hidden. It's usually candy and maybe a CD or money on the kitchen table or on the sewing machine that my mom says "Easter Bunny got this for you," and I say Wooo! But since I didn't sleep there I woke up this morning thinking "isn't this just like any other normal day?" I guess I really should have gone to mass...

Back to the ongoing investigation regarding the U2 tour, these crazy obsessed people (more crazy obsessed than me) staked out the arena where the band was doing their dress rehearsal for the show and they actually invited them in. F-d up dude. So they posted the set list and I'm very disapointed. They are playing some golden oldies which, if I was a fan back in the 80s I'm sure I'd be stoked about. But I was 5 and 7 when some of the songs came out and I just can't get that excited about them. I'll have to try though.

Onward to more depressing news - I learned this about the General Admission lineup.

-Fans with GA tickets will be given a numbered wristband in the morning when the venue allows arrivals (or whenever you show up);
-Fans with wristbands will be told to return later in the day at a time set by the venue
at that time, 200 numbers will be selected by a random number generator; those numbers will be announced/posted for all to see;
-Those 200 fans will trade in their original wristband for a new wristband that allows access into the "egg";
-Each of the 200 fans will be allowed to bring in one other GA ticket holder; this is based on the two GA ticket limit, and is done to allow friends to stay together;

Well that kind of sucks now doesn't it? I guess it's fair for the people who have to work but damned baby - this is going to make it difficult to get pictures with my 1/2 inch zoom lens. I'll just have to sneak in my telephoto lens - perhaps under a nice hat or one of those Artic Zone coats with the poofy poofy all over.

Except I DON'T HAVE A TELEPHOTO LENS. How am I going to get good pictures. More importantly, how am I going to get close to the band if my wristband doesn't get picked and thent ell everyone "I was THIS close!" Good Lord. Makes me think maybe they should just get seats back, except for that show when the stoned people in front of me were standing on their seats the entire time, thus blocking my view of the entire show (I'm only 5'6" for crying out loud!)

Onward -

Does anyone out there have the Alice in Chains Greatest Hits cd? If you would let me know and either let me borrow it or burn it for me, I would be very grateful. You just let me know OK?


K said...

Hey G-
I have an Alice and Chains CD you can borrow, and I think Al does too. What song are you looking for and why would you want to listen to them?? LMK- K

Lori said...

I would have to listen to the CD to tell you the names of the songs - I was just looking through iTunes and there were a few I wanted but I didn't want to pay for them if someone had the CD. We shall discuss!

Anonymous said...

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