Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ba Da Bamp Bamp Ba - I'm Lovin' It

Sing that title just like Justin Timberlake kickin' the smooth groove in tribute to the all-white meat Chicken McNuggets.

So I just got the laugh of the day from Carl and it's worth mentioning here what made me laugh. When I asked "How was Easter," his reply was:

"Me and Lisa went out for dinner. We had braised rabbit."

Now tell me you aren't laughing!

I already wrote this post but when I went to actually "Publish Post" I got an error message and lost it so I'm going to have to recreate some of it tomorrow - I have a very exciting lunchtime poll topic which I would like everyone to vote on. If I was more tech savvy I'd have an actual survey think you could click on and submit answers, but I just like to write it and have you comment on things. I mean come on people, just because I've got the handheld computer doesn't mean I know what I'm doing with it!

So this morning I got here at 6:40 a.m. When I looked at my watch a few hours later, thinking it was going to be about 11 a.m., it was really 8:30. Imagine my digust when I knew I had to wait another four hours for lunch....All I can say is thank god it's 2:08 cause I can hit the bricks soon. Might I add there were a ton of cars on the 1-90 this morning. What are people doing in their cars at 5:45 a.m? They should be in bed! BED! With the other normal folks.

Question for today - do you prefer the McNuggets or those new Chicken Strips from McDonalds? I do enjoy the strips but they are mighty pricey. I find McNuggets to satisfy my craving for chicken just fine without cramping the budget. And that Buffalo sauce is se magnifique! What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy the real chicken taste of the Strips? *Cause although they say it's all white meat in the McNuggets, I'm not so sure sometimes....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I've never tried either of those.

I actually like KFC's chicken strips.

Finger lickin' good.