Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So dude, WTF - I'm not getting any comments from real people - I'm only getting comments that are like, SPAM! I don't like that. I know I can learn how to make money from home, but please, does that Spammer need to tell me 18 times? NO, I read it once and I absorbed it, it's all good!

So people - leave me some comments or I might cry.

And if you want to hear some exciting news, you should really all call me on the phone!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Still Got The Sickness

I got the sickness still, but now it's moved into my head so I have a nice stuffiness going on and my voice sounds all wierd. At least it's something that people can hear, it's always hard to be like 'I'm sick' but if you sound sick, then people might actually THINK it's true. Which I hope they do. I would have stayed home but with a day like today, when it's 72 degrees, you just KNOW you'd come back to the "Oh, feeling better?" in that "tone" which means they don't believe that you were really sick in the first place. Please! I have to go outside to see what the weather is like anyway, from my room this morning it looked a bit dreary, it wasn't until I turned on the TeeVee I knew how hot it was going to be. And it is! I turned on the AC. I'm bucking the system. I know people say "Oh, I enjoy the breeze" and I call those people "people with broken air conditioners."


I just learned that Baby Jack is sick, he has the swollen glands and he's not himself which is really sad because he's such a little peach when he's hamming it up. Like the time I asked where his sweatshirt was from (Gap) and he grabbed my face and said "Hooooome Hooooome" just like ET. Crazy kid! He finally admitted it was from Gap, and later told me that's where his pants and socks were from too. I think he was fibbing. I hope he is better soon, he's everyone's little P Pot!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Got the Sickness

So you might not know this, but I've been bragging ALL winter long about how I haven't been sick. All around me people were dropping like flies and there was me, "Oh, I'm fine!" And now, I woke up with the sickness. I don't know if it's the exact sickness, but it feels like it's coming. Yesterday I was sneezing and coughing (the dry cough) and now I have the deep chest cough and frankly, I don't like it. It's not bad, I can still work and it's not like it's disrupting my day, but man, it's not comfy. Why sweet Jesus, why now after you let me brag for so long. It's been months, months! Maybe it's my own fault because I've been slacking at the gym, don't they say exercise keeps the sickness at bay? I think I read that somewhere. Too bad when I was warm and snug in my bed at 5:45 this morning I didn't give two shakes of a stick.

Anyway, here it is, April, with the big buildup to the May Sweeps when all the tv networks will (god willing) put their best foot forward and show us the good stuff. However, until that happens, we have to sit on our asses and watch reruns of all the good shows, or sit through new shows like "What About Brian?" whilst thinking "yeah, what about Brian?" What, was the 7th Heaven not good enough for him? Was he tired of the Camdens? Did he not want to stick around to see the little holy twins grow up? Well anyone too good for the WB must be too good for me, so I'm not watching! As you can see, I'm a little bitter aound the crap they are putting on the TV lately. I already finished watching the whole last season of Lost on DVD, what am I supposed to do to fill my time? Work? Finish up my master's project so it's not just sitting there all coffee stained with the corrections waiting to be made? Read trash novels? Play Gold Miner (ohh...gold miner.) Gold Miner can only fill so much time! I guess I could get a second job, but that sounds like too much work....

Monday, April 17, 2006

I Can't Remember

OK so I can't remember if I wrote about this already, but I don't THINK I did...I might have just complained to everyone about it in person...and I'm not complaining because it's been so long. But anyway, I was looking through the archives, and remember when I was in my "I Wish I Could Quit You" phase? Well I had completely forgotten about that. Probably cause I watched the movie Jarhead and now when I think about Jake I think "ohh raaa." No, maybe not. Probably cause I'D BEEN SAYING IT WRONG THE ENTIRE FREAKING TIME!

I finally saw Brokeback Mountain about a month ago, maybe even more, I can't remember. I can't even remember who I went to see it with, so no offense to that person. There is a lot of forgetting going on here. But there is something I remember. I remember this. The big buildup to my favorite line occured, and when Jake finally said it I went "WTF?? I've been saying it wrong." So the line is actually "I wish I KNEW HOW TO Quit You." But I've been running around for months like a freaking jerk saying I Wish I Could Quit you! And frankly, I've gotten pretty good at it. I bet people think it's really Jake standing there when I say it...I do my best voice. So anyway, I asked around and people seemed to like my line better, it just flowed more nicely, except that doesn't matter...I can't be making my own lines up. It's just wrong. So I have stopped saying it, and I've moved on to calling children "puddin'" cause I saw that in a TV show. Come on now, that's perfect, you see some little girl with pudgy cheeks - hey puddin'! Hahah.

On a side note, as I wrote the title of this entry, I Can't Remember, I'm brought back to a memory of Ozzy Osborne on Howard Stern. They got into a discussion of 9/11 and Ozzy was saying how it was just such a shock and Howard said "Yeah, that's one of those days you just never forget where you were or what you were doing," and Ozzy said "Yeah, Yeah," and Howard said "What were you doing that day?" and Ozzy said, in his Ozzy accent, "I can't remember." Well WTF, how do you not remember what you were doing on 9/11? In any case, when you do read this, say "I can't remember" in your best Ozzy voice!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Smell a Rat

Much excitment at 330 Delaware this morning as I got a great view of a giant RAT right across the street!

They are putting up a new building right next to Channel 2 and the building directly across from us (which is vacant) and there are a bunch of Union workers picketing outside. Well, I wouldn't call it picketing, as they don't have any signs. They are just walking in circles and they have some posters (hand written on some Big Lots variety poster board no doubt) hanging up on the fence. They did however put up this GIANT blow up Rat which you see here. I think they don't have the posters in hand because they pooled all their moolah to get the giant rat. Anyway, he's holding a sign, but I can't read what it says cause I'm too far away. Then when I zoomed in, a cop car moved in front of the rat, obstructing part of the view. However, you can still see that big red blotch on the stomach of the rat. The people I work with think that it indicates it's a DISEASED rat - and I agree. I believe they are indicating that the builders are DISEASED RATS also, for not using Union Workers. However, I'm not sure they are really showing what quality workers they really are.

Right when I was taking these a Pine Hill Coffee Truck came over and like five of them ran over to get some coffee and donuts. Then, the ones who continued to picket were walking in a circle, and man, they were going slow. Like slower than a chain gang, except these dudes weren't chained together. They would get excited when people would toot the horn, but mostly they just went "yeah," they didn't move any faster. And to top it off, they must not realize that their hours on this picket line show their true work hours. This morning there were 20 of them, when i drove by at 3 p.m. there were about 6 of them, and just now I looked out and they are gone (so is the big rat and the cop cars.) It's not even 5 - where did they go?? Giving up so quickly? Maybe I see why the builders went NON Union!

Oh, and another question. Why are they putting up a new building when there is a perfectly good one right door that is empty? Hello? McFly? Anybody home?

Anyway, I don't know that any of the Union-Yes! will read this, but I want them to know that they really gave me and my co-workers some fun this morning. We all stood in Gene's doorway looking out the window. Later when Gene got here he asked "Did they get that rat from Cheektowaga?" and I got offended and said "absolutely not." Rats in Cheektowaga. Please. We got the airport! We got the mall! We ain't got no stinkin' rats!

Friday, April 07, 2006

No Problems at the Hortons

I got my coffeee at the Horton's this morning, and suprisingly, this nice man in a van let me cut in line, which was really nice, considering he was there before me. I started thinking, man, I'm going to pull a Haley Joel and Pay that Shit Forward today. Then I heard his order...he must have ordered his coffee, then when they tried to get him to buy up, it worked. He was like "Yeah, I want a hard roll," and I thought "OK fine, I can deal." But then I pulled up, and he didn't pull up behind me until I paid for mine. So either he was still ordering, or his car broke down (and it wasn't a dumper, so I'm sure he was still ordering.) WTF dude...I'm not paying it forward when he gets 8 bucks worth of stuff. I was going to get a bagel but then I thought, nah, don't want to spend the money...so hells no, I'm not paying for his hard rolls and timbits. Is that mean of me? Well so what then, it didn't work for Haley and it's not going to work for me I guess...Who knows. I might have gotten stab by some street toughs while at school just like he did. I mean, I don't go to school, but you never know, I do work in the COB.

Other exciting news, there was a posting on Overheard in the Office from Depew, which I'm going to paste here. I have to find out what this business is, I mean, come on people! Here is the listing...wheeeeee

Overheard in the Office
The Voice of the Cubicle

4PM Cruise Job Listings
Co-worker #1: If I ever get fired, I really want to sell myself on the streets.
Co-worker #2: Like a prostitute?

6350 Transit Road
Depew, New York