Friday, April 07, 2006

No Problems at the Hortons

I got my coffeee at the Horton's this morning, and suprisingly, this nice man in a van let me cut in line, which was really nice, considering he was there before me. I started thinking, man, I'm going to pull a Haley Joel and Pay that Shit Forward today. Then I heard his order...he must have ordered his coffee, then when they tried to get him to buy up, it worked. He was like "Yeah, I want a hard roll," and I thought "OK fine, I can deal." But then I pulled up, and he didn't pull up behind me until I paid for mine. So either he was still ordering, or his car broke down (and it wasn't a dumper, so I'm sure he was still ordering.) WTF dude...I'm not paying it forward when he gets 8 bucks worth of stuff. I was going to get a bagel but then I thought, nah, don't want to spend the hells no, I'm not paying for his hard rolls and timbits. Is that mean of me? Well so what then, it didn't work for Haley and it's not going to work for me I guess...Who knows. I might have gotten stab by some street toughs while at school just like he did. I mean, I don't go to school, but you never know, I do work in the COB.

Other exciting news, there was a posting on Overheard in the Office from Depew, which I'm going to paste here. I have to find out what this business is, I mean, come on people! Here is the listing...wheeeeee

Overheard in the Office
The Voice of the Cubicle

4PM Cruise Job Listings
Co-worker #1: If I ever get fired, I really want to sell myself on the streets.
Co-worker #2: Like a prostitute?

6350 Transit Road
Depew, New York

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