Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Still Got The Sickness

I got the sickness still, but now it's moved into my head so I have a nice stuffiness going on and my voice sounds all wierd. At least it's something that people can hear, it's always hard to be like 'I'm sick' but if you sound sick, then people might actually THINK it's true. Which I hope they do. I would have stayed home but with a day like today, when it's 72 degrees, you just KNOW you'd come back to the "Oh, feeling better?" in that "tone" which means they don't believe that you were really sick in the first place. Please! I have to go outside to see what the weather is like anyway, from my room this morning it looked a bit dreary, it wasn't until I turned on the TeeVee I knew how hot it was going to be. And it is! I turned on the AC. I'm bucking the system. I know people say "Oh, I enjoy the breeze" and I call those people "people with broken air conditioners."


I just learned that Baby Jack is sick, he has the swollen glands and he's not himself which is really sad because he's such a little peach when he's hamming it up. Like the time I asked where his sweatshirt was from (Gap) and he grabbed my face and said "Hooooome Hooooome" just like ET. Crazy kid! He finally admitted it was from Gap, and later told me that's where his pants and socks were from too. I think he was fibbing. I hope he is better soon, he's everyone's little P Pot!