Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Touched Bono

Since this news is so old, many of my regular readers may be bored by this post as I tell you all, once again, that I touched Bono. December 9, 2005 will go down in infamy as the day I stretched out my hand over the stranger next to me, tried to push him out of the way so I could grab the man, then watched as he grabbed the hand of my cousin who was behind me. Did that stop me from my ultimate goal? Oh No Siree Bob, I kept my eye on the prize and I just reached over and grabbed the TOP of Bono's hand (it was soft) and I just laughed and laughed because I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, because I couldn't believe it was actually happening. My cousin has a picture of all our hands in the air, and you can clearly see Kevin's hand is higher than everyone elses, maybe that is why Bono grabbed him, he didn't want to get sucked in my all the other low hands, cause Lord Knows I would have pulled him into the crowd had I been closer. Yeah, he has the bodyguard, whatever, like I couldn't take him....

Anyway, here is a nice photo from the show, one of 90 that my cousin David took. I'm still waiting for them to post mine at Snapfish, but as the crazy toothed, crazy eyed man behind me in line said "dude, 400 speed film just won't do it." Well you know I like to buck the system, so I certainly took four rolls of 400 speed film, you know, just in case. Come on now, some of those have to turn out, Larry was three freaking feet from me beating on those drums! See his high top sneakers? Yeah, cause that's what I was looking at when he was standing in front of me. PSYCH! (Remember Psych??)

In other news, the crazy holiday season is over, which is kind of sad, but kind of happy, since that big ass pile of gifts for other people in my living room has been replaced with a big ass pile of gifts that belong to ME! However, I have to eventually find a place for all the shit, which means I'll have to eventually clean my room, and you all know how much I love cleaning. I don't mind cleaning up OTHER people's stuff, but my own - pshh...child please. I will have to make that my other New Year's Resolution. In addition to being nicer to people, going to the gym four times a week and writing down what I eat, getting in order (so I'm not always late and stuff), and paying off my credit cards. Vegas odds are on the cleaning getting done early in the year, then everything falling to pot later. If you are a gambling man, these aren't safe bets.

And finally, I'm listening to Patsy Cline "20 Golden Hits" and "She's Not You" isn't on it. WTF dude, that's a classic! It's Golden, it's a Hit, where is it? Who do I have to call to protest? Or should I keep my mouth shut since I just ripped the CD anyway? Ok then....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Love The Onion

So I'm back from the U2 concerrt and I have to say it was probably the best way to go out. This will be my last show this tour, probably my last show for another four years and it was effin' amazing. I'll post more information in the next few days, I just wanted to post this article from the onion which almost made me pee my pants. Of course it's made up but I always wonder if maybe it's TRUE!!!!

Rest Of U2 Perfectly Fine With Africans Starving