Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coffee Saga Continues

So I got up late the other day and didn't have time to make my coffee. And I was like "Oh, guess I gotta go to Hortons," which I really didn't want to do because the line there at 8:50 a.m. at the one on Clinton and Harlem is quite the spectacle. The lot is super small, there are never spaces, and the drive through lane starts right off the Harlem entrance, and since I use the Clinton Entrance, you can just imagine that they don't like letting people in... I almost got into a fight with someone in the car once. The fight would have been us pointing fingers and yelling, but still, I don't like that in the morning. So I'm driving to work and I'm like "McDonalds, yeah, McDonalds!" It's cheaper and they just changed their coffee. Perfect.

Now remember the problem I had with them before? I was CERTAIN I would have a problem this time, as I've seen the signs everywhere saying that they mix it for you. So I got my large, pulled around, paid, then went to the 2nd window. And the man reached out and handed me - dadadadat du da - three things of creamer, followed by my coffee. A look came over my face, and seeing as I wasn't in front of a mirror, I can't tell you what it looked like, but I sure hope it conveyed confusion to the man. However, I don't think he cared, since he was the same one who had taken my money at window 1, then he ran up to window 2. So my question is - are they supposed to mix it? What gives??? Why can't they make up their minds. It would probably be cheaper for them to mix it, those little creamers can't be cheap, compared to a gallon of the half and half. And so, the question lingers. If you are reading this, and you know someone who works at the McDonalds, can you find out what their scheme is???

I have some other exciting things to post soon. I went to travelocity and got a big old HOOT out of the comments some of the people made about their hotel experiences. I can't wait to look at cities other than Vegas, I bet there are some good comments about the hotels in NYC!


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