Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Month, Newly Ripped Off Template

So it's March now, and I decided to spice things up by changing the look of Dude, WTF. I like the darker color and the dots, but part of me feels bad that I don't have the skill to make up a blog all my own, like choosing the backgrounds and the layout and such. I had a hard enough time trying to put in the links to other people's sites, and I had to ask for help on how to put an extra space in between the links and that Powered by Blogger logo down there. But I'm sure there are some other losers out there who use the canned Blog artwork, right? Please tell me there are other losers out there.

It's snowing like an Em Effer today. It let up before, but from what I can tell it hasn't stopped the whole day. And since I never pay attention to the weather reports I had no idea this was coming. Luckily it's not that cold. Maybe I can trick someone into brushing off my car. I can say "isn't this your car?" and after they brush it off I'll say "psych, this is my car" and jump in and drive away. But that might not work unless I tell them to try out my snowbrush, which I don't think anyone would want to do. But maybe they would if I tell them it was used by someone famous, like the Pope. I can say "the Pope blessed this on his very last day of blessing things. Before he passed. Before his time." And then they might get fooled! I'll continued to work on my strategy in preparation for the next big snow day.

I want pizza for dinner! A nice buffalo chicken calzone would be delicious too, but the last time I got boned, they gave me a side of red sauce instead of a side of bleu cheese. How they gonna play me like that? I'm a loyal Picasso's customer!

On a side note, my phone has been ringing off the hook today. Don't people ever go home early anymore when it snows???


Anonymous said...

Lovin' the new design LV! It's dark and mysterious but yet still so inviting! I take take the pre-canned art work as long as they give it up for FREE!!

Anonymous said...

It's too early and I clearly can't know what I'm trying to say! Guess you can't edit comments after they're published eh?

Anonymous said...

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