Monday, February 27, 2006

You Used Up All of the Glue, On Purpose!


The Old Man from A Christmas Story has died. (Special thanks to Kevin for pointing this out. I was still wrapped up in Mr. Ferley's passing.)

What I find really funny about A Christmas Story is that he's even listed as "The Old Man" in the credits. Hilarious! Here are some of my favorite quotes, which of course were copied and pasted from IMDB cause I can't type all that stuff up!

Sons of bitches! Bumpuses!

Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.

Alright, I'll get that kid to eat. Where's my screw driver and my plumber's helper? I'll open up his mouth and I'll shove it in.

It's a Major Award!

[Admiring his "major award"]: It's... it's... it's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!

Of course there are more, but I hate to overload you with too much in one day. I save that for Fridays, when the Survivor Update comes out.

Speaking of which, no one has commented on the updates. You are all so fickle!

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K said...

Hey G!
I love the new look to the Blog! It's been a while since I've checked it out!
It reminds me of scrapbooking.... I think I saw a paper that had all these dots.....