Thursday, February 09, 2006

We Like to Party We Like We Like to Party

You thought this posting was gonna be about a party didn't you? Well it's not, but that song was going through my head and I had to write it to get it out. You know the song, we like, we like to party. And then the girl sings and you can't really understand what she's saying, but it's something like "the something something's jumping, the something something's pumping, New York to San Franciso, and inter city disco." Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Anyway, I'm here to report a clean sweep by U2 last night at the Grammy's. Just as I predicted. They are the "golden boys" of rock right now - they can't do anything wrong. Boy I bet they didn't expect this when they put out Pop and everyone boo'ed and everyone laughed. Well ya know what? They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round. Well Ho Ho Ho, who has the last laugh now? And Eric Clapton, who beat them in 1992 for Album of the Year, well what is he doing? Yeah, he's in Cream. And you know who goes to see them? OLD people!

OK that wasn't very nice. But I don't know any young-in's who go to see Cream. Do you? Besides, their tickets are priced for Old People. Hahahaha!

Back to the Grammy's - I thought they were way too long. It was past 11 and I was waiting up to see if U2 would win Album of the Year and they kept bringing people out to talk, more singers, more performers. Then they had Queen Latifah talk about Richard Pryor cause they had this "In Memorium" section and they showed all the people in music who died last year. And then at the very end they had this picture of Richard Pryor and I thought in my head "did he release some music I didn't know about?" Why would they have that there? In any case, they finally cut through the crap and presented the award, which U2 won, but then they were accepting their award and I believe someone else was going to speak after the Edge and they turned the cameras off them and went to some dude talking about Hurrican Katrina. Dissed! Dissed by the Grammy's! I wonder if Bono will try to coerce them into making a donation to debt relief in Africa to make up for this injustice! (HAHAH)

So no one has told me who they would want to be with if they could only take one person on the deserted island. What gives people? Are you not visiting Dude, WTF because of the infrequent posts? I'm trying to do better, honest I am! Give it up peeps, give it up!

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i wish i could quit you.