Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ship Jumpers!

So I wasn't the only one who was upset about the ship jumpers yesterday. I received this message from a friend!

"I will shove my wooden peg leg up their ass for jumpin ship."

For those who DID jump ship, you missed a damned fun time, Skippy! It was really nice, and everyone loved my four cheese platter, complete with pepperoni, which Jane sliced herself. (She cut the cheese too...hahahaha!) Some highlights of the night were:

-Sandy arriving as the boat was pulling away from the Dock. Poor little lamb was waiting on the other side of the restaurant and stood there so sad looking as all of us stared at her thinking "oh girl, you're late."

-Me, upon seeing Sandy and Robert chatting, asking "do you know her?" and Sandy saying "everyone knows me Lor, I was standing there watching the boat sail away!"

-Robert telling Sandy "Yeah, when I saw her on the dock I said 'I'm glad that's not me'."

-Everyone getting a dollar back (to tip the bartender) from their original payment of $23!

-Me, sliding the cheese tray down the boat to share with others, and narrowly avoiding a cheese spilling emergency by Mindy's quick and steady hand.

-Jane getting a drink from the bar and telling my Uncle that "the girl makes 'em strong," when the same girl had been making the drinks all night.

-Jane asking "where is the city," then looking to the left and saying "oh there it is."

-Being told by Ryan that his worst fear was no one coming to his wake or funeral, but that since I knew so many people on the boat, people would surely come to mine.

-Finding out that if anything did in fact happen to me, people on the boat would attend the 2-4 p.m. laying out at the Funeral Parlor so they could go to Happy Hour after.

The worst part of the evening, in my opinion, is when the boat was nearing the dock and we knew we had to get off - the night went WAY too fast. Next year I say we go out twice!!!!!

Who's with me?


Kev said...

Wait a minute....I thought you were short people? Why did everyone get a $1 back? I'm so confused!

Lori said...

But I have such nice friends that when I sent out the email saying people jumped ship, they called up some peeps, and voila - back to the number we were originally at!

Rob Graves said...

I really have to be honest... It was Kelly Snyder who FIRST said... "I'm glad thats not me"

Sorry Kelly, but I had to throw you under the bus!

I will also say that people loved my cleavage for MILES story!!! If you missed it... I'm sad for you cuz it's damn funny!

Sandy Barden said...

To be honest.. I really wish it wasn't me either. If you all could've seen the looks from my side of the dock. I considered just making a run for it - back to my car.

But once I was on board and the evil glares got glazed over from the "strong" drinks... everyone forgot. I had a great time, really enjoyed the cleavage for MILES story Robert and also the M&M's from Jeff. I'm in for next time. Thanks Lor !

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