Sunday, April 10, 2005

You Can Find Me In the Club

That 50 cent song is going through my head, but I have to be honest, that title is not true at all. I'm so freaking tired!! We got to Vegas yesterday morning at 10:09 - our flight left Buffalo at 5:30 and by yesterday at 12 I was MISERABLE!! I took a nap and I was still miserable. Last night we went to Green Valley Ranch and I was playing this Wild Cherry Machine and it finally hit me. Not only did I get up super early, and have to deal with the whole three hour time change, but I'm still not switched over in my head from daylight savings time. So I'm pretty sure my body was thinking "it's 2:30 a.m. what are you doing at this stupid machine." I must say though, $20 lasted me for a whole 40 minutes of gaming. Now that is just rare my friends.

We went to see where Dale and Liz's house is going and to look at the model - it's gorgeous. I can't wait until it's built. It's funny though, cause they showed me where it was going to be built and it didn't seem a like a house would fit in the space. The houses here are crazy crazy close together, and when we were looking at the one model you could look out the window and see people in next door's model. I guess they are really trying to save room. That or they are running out of rocks to put between the houses...grass costs too much!

Is it bad that it's 12:44 and I'm ready for a nap?? hahah!

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