Monday, April 18, 2005

Slogan Generator

My cousin just sent me this and something about how it gives me a new Slogan each time I ask for one really makes me smile.

Give it a whirl - but put your name in instead!!!

Today sucked. Sucked Sucked Sucked. My good, good, good news the Friday before vacation went BYE BYE BYE this morning and all the excitement I had about my job went out the winda with one little email. Stupid Emails! I'm all set for Happy Hour on Friday, who's with me? Anyone else's week sucking already, even though it's only Monday?

I got my pics back from the concert - I have a few decent shots which I'm going to post tomorrow. Most of them are the backs of people's heads, or their hands or arms or both. That is what I get for leaving said designated "good" area before the show would start. Arm shots.

Oh, and remember how I wanted to have a graduation party with a BOUNCE HOUSE? Well sweety irony, I found out my friend and her husband have started their own business - here is the link to their website -

Now don't you want to open up your house to host my partee??? If you don't, just do me a favor and tell your friends about this site (preferably your friends who have kids or who stole a kid and are having a party for it.)

Happy Tuesday and to take a word from Tiny Tim - God Bless Us Everyone.


K said...

I tried the word boogger and got:
It's That Boogger Feeling.
I tried Jimmy and it said:
If you can't beat Jimmy, join Jimmy!


K said...

I just put in the word BALLS and I got this:
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Balls.

Frickin' funny eh?

K said...

Gives A Meal Beaver-Appeal.