Friday, April 22, 2005

And Then There Was TOOTIE!

OK I get the biggest kick out of this site because it has only been wrong ONE Time and it was for Alias. It guessed Will Tippen when I was thinking of Michael Vaughn. Like I'd ever pick Will over Vaughn. No one puts Vaughn in the corner. Oh, off topic.

So go here.

It will either guess the dictator or the TV sitcom character you are thinking of. Don't make the mistake I first did. I thought I would answer questions about myself and it would tell me who I was most like. It gave me someone I never heard of after 100 questions and I was like "how dumb is dis?" But once I realized how it worked I was instantly hooked right in!

You can't stump it! Try Tootie all you want. You won't win! They even got NATALIE! Sickos!

1 comment:

CG said...

that's very cool!
Every single one I did came out right!