Sunday, April 17, 2005

If You Thought It Was Bad Before...Wait

OK so if you thought I talked about U2 a lot in the past, I have to apologize in advance because it's going to be a LOT worse.

First and foremost - I'm back. The trip was great, the weather in Vegas was awesome and Sara and I went to the strip two nights which was enough for me to get the gaming out of my system. I always like to gamble at the Bellagio but the slots seemed a bit tight this time, so this trip my favorite spot was Caesars. Sara went shoe shopping and I sat down with my $20 at a penny machine (stop laughing) and that last me over an hour. How insane is that?? At one point I got about 35 free spins so I wasn't even playing anything, I was just watching the credits rack up. I called my mom to pass time (haha!)

On Wednesday we left for Arizona at about 9 in the morning. We got lost, but this was pretty exciting, when we found our way to where we had to go we were waiting to get on the highway and a Lamborghini passed us and we think it was Tommy Lee driving it. I didn't see him, but Sara did. I asked if he looked greasy to confirm it. Apparantly he did so I think we hit the nail on the head. (And yes, I did have to look up how to spell Lamborghini.)

The concert was Thursday and I can't stop thinking about it - OMG it was without a doubt one of the best I've ever been to. We got in line at about 9 a.m. with the sun beating down on us. Luckily it went over the building at about 12 so the rest of the day was a bit more bareable, and we met some really nice people in line. I even met people who were bigger freaks that I was, isn't that so exciting?? There were people in front of us and behind us who went to Ireland and did a whole U2 trek, going to the Clarence (which Bono and Edge own), and to the Factory (where they record.) Now I WANT to do that, but I haven't yet. So I am still not as obsessed as others!

They started letting us into the venue at about 6:30 and it kind of sucked because there were two lines, one for the fan club, one for regular General Admission ticket holders, and that line was going faster. So by the time we got to where we were going to stand, there were people who had arrived after us closer to the stage. Plus, we didn't get into the Sacred Circle. We started out about 4 people from Elipse but it was so hot and I was feeling sick so I got out of that section and went up to get water. After Kings of Leon went on I tried getting back to where Sara was, which is quite a feat I don't mind telling you. Everyone thought I was just trying to jam up front and I was telling people "Dude, I know this sucks but I got here at 9 a.m. so cut me some slack." And if that didn't work I just swore and kept pushing. I found some nice Mormons who helped me locate Sara and when the show started and U2 came out onstage I swear I almost peed my pants. I was so freaking excited. They all took a trip around the elipse and I tried taking pics but all that I saw was hands in front of me so I ended up just holding my camera in the air.

They opened with Love and Peace or Else which I wasn't crazy about until now. Something about seeing it live really changes things. Bono was at the front of the Elipse and I'd estimate he was about 10 feet away. They played Vertigo shortly after and the crowd around me went crazy because he was in the same place. Everyone was jumping up and down - I got jockeyed about! Very exciting, except it was too much, I was sweating my ass off and I couldn't take it. Shortly after Elevation (more jumping and a large mexican man behind me was practically attached to my ASS!) I left the area and went up for more to drink. Props to the Glendale Arena for their $4.75 waters - they really know how to f you in the A!

I stayed up above and looked down to watch Where the Streets Have No Name and it was amazing. EVERYONE in that arena was on their feet and the entire floor was jumping up and down. I love that song line and since I got home I've watched it on the Slane video about 10 times. They didn't play With or Without You and I didn't mind one bit - just as long as they got One in there, which they did. The show ended with 40, and the audience was singing along as the band members left the stage. Last one left was Larry who did a drum solo and ran off. I was hoping he'd do a victory lap but no such luck. I found a photo of him and he was actually smiling, which is rare, I think I've seen about four pics in my life of that man smiling.

All in all it was great, and I'm so glad we made the trip. Except now I'm DYING for it to be September when I see them again in Toronto. Yes, it's sad to be wishing the summer away but well, I can't help it!!!! I'm going to post the pic of Larry and if any of mine turn out I'll post them but I'm not so sure. I had one of the Tall Mormons take a picture for me since he was about 6'5" and had a better vatage point. Hopefully I won't have a million hands in front of them. And let's all praise Jesus that the Mexican was behind me!!!