Thursday, April 07, 2005

Google Me This Batman

So my friend Jeffrey tried to get to my Blog at his work and the site was blocked for "Adult Content." So I started thinking about what I had posted and how it was Adult. I know I swear a lot but I didn't think I did THAT much within these pages. So then I started thinking - one of my most recent posts was about the MV/JG Porn (Erotica.) So I was thinking, maybe that is what made it Adult. THEN I was thinking, what if you googled "Michael+Vartan+Porn" - would Dude, WTF pop up? I still haven't tried it yet, but maybe one of my readers would like to do the honors. While you are doing that please try to google "Bono+Porn" and send me any hits, that would be wunderbar!

The highlight of today (so far) was that it was Bagel Day at the Idylwood Resorts. There were many people flocking to the clubhouse for their free bagels and coffee and the man behind me in line was in some big ass hurry, and when I said "Do you want to go on ahead" he just didn't even acknowledge me. Then his friend came over to him and started talking - and it wasn't English. It wasn't French and it wasn't Spanish. It almost sounded Slavik but lord knows, I've never been to Slav.


Did anyone watch Lost last night? Boone died, dude, wtf! Why did they have to kill him off, I liked him? Couldn't they get rid of his whore sister instead I ask you?? Lost is brought to you compliments of the same man that brought us Alias and you already know that I feel he is hepped up on Goofballs, so that explains a lot about why Boone had to be killed off. JJ Abrams, I don't think I like you anymore (although you did a fine job of including MV in more than three scenes in last night's Alias...)

Happy Thursday to You!!


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