Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Are You Gonna Go My Way?

So it's amazing how a little Lenny Kravitz can brighten the end of the day. I was just starting to fade and now I'm jamming. And so what if people walking the hall are looking at me funny - let them look. They are just jealous that they don't have these fine quality Altec Lansing speakers. (Yah right, like I know what that means...)

OK so I'm taking this course which begins in April to prepare me for the APR exam which I guess I'll take after I'm done with the course. Well I went to this APR Intro and when they passed out the information I must have glossed over the part where it said that "the cost to take the exam is $335." What the hell was I thinking? I think I was thinking that work would pay for it. I bet they would agree to that, but they'd take it out of my salary. HA! Anyway, I guess I'm going to still take the course but it's almost like school. It's a review of all this PR information, including history (snoozefest) and well, that's gonna kind of suck. Then I take a test. Well that is going to suck too. I don't think I was thinking about it thoroughly when I went to the Intro class. But how can I back out now when I agreed to host the review classes at my work? What was I thinking??? I DON'T KNOW! This is just as much a mystery as when Pee Wee lost his bike but bought a pen at the exact time it was stolen! What's the significance? He didn't know either!!!

So three more days until I leave for Vegas and as far as I'm concerned it can't come fast enough. Just think, at this time next week I could be sucking face with Bono. Although that might hurt his wife's feelings.....Eh, who cares.

Did I mention that Baby Jack is full on walking now? He's so cute - he'll be wandering around and then fall on his bum. The one time he was in the kitchen, he fell on his bottom, leaned back and fell on his head and I thought he was hurt but he started giggling like it was funny. KIDS are funny!!!!!