Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Thoughts for the Day

So I've been reading more and more about this new 90210 series they are developing. I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm addicted to the reruns on Soapnet. They show them each day at 5 & 6 and just recently they showed Brandon's last episode (Brandon Leaves) and Valerie just left too and now they have Matt (monkey lawyer who Kelly of course bangs after 5 episodes) and Gina (Donna's bitchy ice-dancing cousin) as regular cast members. Oh, and what's with that Noah? I think they just had to find someone good looking and pray that he could read, which I'm assuming he could cause he always says his lines. But dude, he brought jack to that show and he had so much baggage. Thank God Dylan came back just as Brandon left, otherwise all hell would have broken loose. Steve can't carry the show by himself and lord KNOWS Kelly isn't any good, she's too busy worrying about herself and her feelings and how people treat her. Anyway, they also show them on Saturday mornings and on those episodes Dylan just left after his wife got killed, and Donna is dating Joe Bradley who is getting sued by Ray Pruitt cause he busted him all up in an altercation on Halloween. What did Donna expect in those tight, short skirts?

Anyway, in my humble opinion, you can't have a new 90210 without Brandon. Come on, he started it all out, and he stuck with it through the good times and bad (well, almost, sure he left shortly after the start of season 9 but come on, he got off that sinking ship just in time.) So I say they have to bring him back, but who is signed on? Kelly (Jennie Garth) and Donna (Tori Spelling.) WTF?? What are they going to contribute? Is Donna going to teach the kids at West Beverly about how she designs ass ugly clothes for stick figures? And Kelly, well she went to school for psychology and started out working at a free clinic, but then went to work at the store where Donna sold her shitty clothes. What is she going to teach the kids, how to be a tramp? How to sleep with every guy you come across but then act self righteous when anyone else does the same thing? I guess so!

One good thing about these reruns - some of them I had missed and some I had forgotten about so now seeing them again, ahh, sweet potato pie. One of my recent faves was when Dylan announced that he was getting married to Toni (daughter of the man who killed his father) and Kelly was all "I can't believe you just blurted it out like that, didn't you consider my feelings," when just weeks earlier she had told Dylan she couldn't go around the world with him (or marry Brandon) cause she "chose me," and went off to NYC to model for the summer (cause that would happen.) Then she busts back to Beverly Hills with Colin, the crappy-ass, coke addicted, sleeping with his agent, artist in tow. You're too good for her Brandon! Kelly, of all the TV characters who it's easy to hate, you are the easiest (in more ways than one!)

Ask my man, he'll tell you, I crab about her all the time. It's almost as if I really know them. I wonder if I was ever in California and ran into her I'd say "hey tramp, Brandon was too good for you!"

In other Random News - what's with the humidity? Our R2-D2 air conditioning has been working for a month with no problem, then all of a sudden it was on "full" last night so we had to empty the water out. No problem, right? Then this morning it says "full" again. I'm like "huh?? could that much water be in it?" Pauline says yes cause it's that humid. I say NOOOO. Well I'm wrong cause after emptying it at 10 this morning, the thing said FULL again at dinnertime. I'm starting to think we'll be waking up in the middle of the night to empty it. And yesterday Don Paul said the humidity was 69 percent. My AC begs to differ!

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