Thursday, July 24, 2008

Did Ya'll Hear?

Have you all heard about how I won two tickets AND backstage passes to...drum roll please...

Gordon Lightfoot.


Yes, I called 96.1 a few weekends back and won two passes to a wine tasting and was entered to win the grand prize of the "Lightfoot Tickets." I said "Oh, OK great," thinking "yeah, that ain't happening, they'll surely give it to someone who sounds like a fan (AKA someone who is 70, like him.) But no such luck, they gave them to me. Now I feel guilty for having them because there are actual people out there who like this dude and I know two, yes, two of his songs!

This is the fun part. When I told my mom I won this prize (thinking maybe she'd want to go) she said "Oh, Lori you should be more careful about things you call in to win, you should save up and be more selective when you call so you can try to win airline tickets or money." As if I know when I'm going to be caller 9 or 12 depending on the contest. I've been trying to qualify for the Summer of Variety for two months now. Stupid addictive radio contests!

Speaking of radio, I've been listening to Star 102.5 a lot lately. Can I ask you something? When did it become OK to advertise for breast enhancement surgery on the radio. They have been playing commercials for some surgery center for the past few weeks and each time I hear them I think "isn't this a family station?" Just imagine little Johnny "mommy, why did that man say his wife looks so much better after she got her enhancement" cause you bet your bottom dollar they have some dude on there saying "my wife looks great and she has so much more confidence." NIIICE.

In other news, tomorrow is finally Friday. And, best of all, payday. Sweet Potato Pie, it might be the best day ever. Even better than the day the 10 glue sticks I ordered finally arrived. You wouldn't believe it, but there wasn't ONE glue stick left in my building by the time those babies arrived. Believe me, I checked. Sure I could have busted over to the ol' Dollar General and get some on my own, but that would be like, um, work.

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