Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eddie Veddar = Crazy Pants

So Monday morning I was watching the VH1 Jump Start and they were showing the video for Jeremy. I hadn't seen it in years, I'm thinking over 10. In any case, they show a bunch of Eddie singing and in each shot his eyes are as big as saucers and he's making wierd hand motions and then when his eyes aren't as big as saucers they are looking up in the air or off to the side or he's singing but his teeth are all clenched and shit. You know what I'm talking about! So I'm thinking back and I'm wondering when the video came out, did people think Eddie was crazy pants and just ignored it, or did they just think he was some musical genius and since he was from Seattle it was OK to be looking like that (crazy) or maybe that was the norm back then. Cause I can't remember, cause in 1993 I was busy worrying about who was going to get the lead in the school play and how to work the cash register at the Filene's Basement.

Yeah you know he's crazy.

Did I ever tell you that Pearl Jam opened for U2 back in the day? Why yes, they did! They opened for them in 1992 when U2 was on the Outdoor European Leg of the ZooTV tour. Ahh Sweet Yesteryears when the Italians were like "Who the eff are these young whipper snappers?" And then they booed!

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