Monday, July 28, 2008


From the very beginning of the season I was a fan. Yes, a fan of The Food Networks "Next Food Network Star." It aired on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. and you all know how I hate watching shows that late cause when I stay up past 11, well let's just say the next day isn't so nice. In any case, I watched it all this season, didn't miss an episode. No one was really standing out for me but after awhile I started to like Kelsey and Shane. Then they got das boot and I thought OK Lisa has this in the bag cause that Adam can't cook, can't handle himself in front of the camera and can't stop joking around. And Aaron, don't get me started, what's his last name again? Cause it sounds like McCartel, but sometimes it sounds like McCargle. Take the marbles out buddy!

So last night was the big finale, and they each had to do a sample show which they showed a few minutes of at the end. I thought Lisa nailed it. Aaron, what the hell were you making cause I sure couldn't understand it. Take the marbles out buddy! Adam did OK, but who needs that much goofiness in the kitchen. I tell you why I watch the Food Network. To make fun of the people. I watch Barefoot Contessa and I make fun of how she says Endive and how rich she is and how she won't let Jeffrey buy a boat. I watch Paula Deen to see how much butter she's going to put in a dish and watch her treat her youngest son like the slowest little pup in the litter. And I watch Giada DeLaurentis so I can make fun of her hooters hanging into her panchetta and hear her explain how everything she cooks gets a "nice golden crust." I like to make that fun on my OWN, I don't want my Food Network star doing it for me. So Adam, I'm sorry, you're out. My money is on Lisa and I'm a betting woman.

Well color me unhappy, cause they go into discussions (Bobby, girl who never combs her hair and man who looks older than he is) and they are like "you know they all bring good qualities, but which one of them could start doing their own show next week." 'Lisa' I scream over to Paul, followed by 'these people are stupid!' Or maybe that was in my head. So they bust out and they're like "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the Next Food Network Star is....."

Aaron Mc(something) Jr.

Me: "WTF???"

I still don't know what his actual name is. I had to look it up on the Food Network website.

It's Aaron McCARGO, Jr.

You know, like "I'm going to move this McCargo to my McBedroom." Well, you would talk like that if you were Ronald McDonald.

Anyway, WTF???? I'm thinking McCargo will last about as long as the LAST Food Network star did, and I know you can't count the number of times you saw "The Gourmet Next Door" on more than one hand, cause that shit ran twice...

In other news, yesterday I started watching that Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood. I see why it's doing well, they are both very open and it's fun to watch. I do however feel like writing her a letter pleading her to patch things up with her mother. I have no idea what their falling out was about but I think it's sad that they both have such hard feelings. One day her mom won't be around and then she'll wish she had reached out (at least I think so.)

In other news, what's with Tori's hooters?? Couldn't she get those bitches fixed? I certainly watch those 90210 reruns enough, she must be making money for them being in syndication. I would think my ad dollars would cover a touch up...

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