Friday, July 01, 2005

Thoughts for Thursday

Taking a page from Casual Friday, I thought I’d share with you a few of the things I did yesterday:

1. Decided that while I do like living in America, I still want to give Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” a try.

2. Dreamed my teeth were moving closer and closer together and were going askew. Thank heavens, that was just a dream.

3. Contemplated ordering my burrito in Spanish yesterday at Taco Bell, but decided against it as I didn’t know how to say “no beans” in any other language than English.

4. Gave a man a big smile after he sped around me on the right hand side, waved his arms at me as to indicate “why are you so slow,” and got stopped by a red light. The smile indicated “You deserve it you ignorant fuck.”

5. Discovered I am worth $1,717,004 at Human For Sale

6. Made a child cry by refusing to share my Anderson’s Artic Swirl. Laughed.

7. Wondered by so many people like the summer and the warm weather whilst sweating profusely on my way out to the car.

8. Clicked on the “what I’m listening to” button on MSN Messenger. Got many questions about why I was listening to Mariah Carey.

9. Dreamed I was in a bridesmaid in a wedding, and was at the actual ceremony in my dress, without my hair done, and without lipstick on. The wedding was held up while I put the lipstick on in the back of the church – and by the time I reached the front row of pews, it had worn off.

10. Decided I was a fool for selling that “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” book at my parent’s garage sale.


CG said...

What does crashing planes mean? I've always got those and thunderstorms in my dreams.

Curse you for selling that book!

Lori said...

I hear you my friend, I hear you. Whenever I looked up my dreams it was always these zany explanations that didn't help. They suggest keeping a dream journal next to your bed and writing dreams down in the morning. To that I say "who has time to do that in the morning, I'm always late for work..."

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