Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ohhhhh I Hear Laughter in the Rain

Everyone Look at Lady Olivia, AKA, "Pretty In Pink!"

I just re-discovered Neil Sedaka. Not that it's an exciting re-discovery, I think he's dumb to be walking the rain when you can just wait out a storm and walk in the sun, but I digress.

Speaking of Discovery, can someone please explain to me why NASA is having all sorts of troubles with the space shuttle? They announced today they aren't going to send any more shuttles up until they worked out problems with debris. Well shouldn't that have been worked out a long time ago? How did we get all those shuttles up there in the 80s? And don't they already have a shuttle up there now? And if I remember correctly, the problem with Columbia came when they were flying back to Earth, not flying into space. So how are the people up there going to get home? And can you imagine for a second if you flew into space in July, and were stuck up there for the whole summer, maybe into September? You'd miss the season premiers of all the good TV shows! I would say that is cause for sueing, wouldn't you???


Anonymous said...

The reason why NASA is having all these problems with their shuttles is because they are old(back from the 80's like you said) and NASA won't build new ones until a few more space walkers die.


Liam said...

More like why build new ones when there are useless wars to be raged halfway around the world!

CG said...

What we need is:

1. To find Oil reserves on the Moon
2. To pitch Mars as a vast wasteland that needs to be developed by Halliburton.

We'll have billions funneled into NASA before you can say "No-Bid Contract"

Anonymous said...

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