Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Have (Well, I HAD) a Dream

So by now, many of you are aware of the crazy, insane dreams which plague me each and every night. Rarely a night goes by there I don't have one, but sometimes I only remember them long enough to roll over and hit snooze. But sometimes they stay with me (if they are that messed up, or that good.)

Others may be aware of my obsession with U2 frontman Bono. You might not know it, but I'm going to be close to that man by hook or by crook when he comes to Buffalo. Not like I'm going to stalk him (not in that sense of the word) but I'll be waiting behind the arena when they arrive here in December. And I want pictures - good pictures! I'm not talking pictures of him through the tinted glass of his card. I'm talking rolled down window, arm sticking out and waving to me pictures. That's my dream! But that is what I HOPE for. My real dream, which already occured, is below.

Dream Portion

So it's December and I'm at the HSBC Arena. It looks nothing like it really does, and the back of it is actually an area with two shorty escalators that aren't neccesary. But I don't care - I just know that there is a big crowd of people standing around someone, and word spreads, it's BONO! I start flipping out and run back to my friends to get my camera. I somehow end up with the camera and a spiral notebook - like the kind I used in high school. By the time I get back the crowd is gone and I see Bono walking away and I yell "Bono!" He kind of turns around and looks at me and I'm all running up to him like a fool waving my spiral bound notebook in his face. He gives me this look like "shit bitch, you is crazy." So I start babbling on and on to him about how I'm so happy to be meeting him and I'm still getting the looks. This can't be happening I tell myself. I can't be meeting him for the first time and he's looking at me like I'm a nut job. But it is. He's writing some crap in my notebook which you know he doesn't mean and I start getting upset. Then it happens. I finally say something to him and he smiles. The trouble is, I don't know what I said. He looks at me and starts laughing, then laughing more, and then he leans in and kisses me. Not like mackin' on me peeps - he's just giving me a peck. And then, get this, he gives my camera to his bodyguard to take a pic. The bodyguard of all people - that is like the highest insult! Mind you there is NO one else around, somehow no one else notices this is going on. So his bodyguard takes our pic and Bono is gushing about how I'm so great to support (of course I'm wearing my bracelet, child please). And I'm like "Oh you are such an inspiration," which right now seems just silly, like I'd ever tell him that.

Please keep in mind that if any of this happened there would be 500 other people there pushing and shoving and I'd be there like this..."uhhhhh uhhhh" and then he'd be like "who brought the mook?" But I digress, that didn't happen yesterday - no siree bob...he was all up in my grill. Just cause it was a dream doesn't mean it'll never happen.

MLK had a dream you know....


CG said...

yeah, and he got shot in the head.

Careful what you wish for! ;)

Anonymous said...

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