Friday, July 08, 2005

Fly the "Friendly" Skies

An anonymous tipster has pointed out that "Airlines could make BIGGER money if when you booked, you had the option of choosing a theme flight offering special meals. Expanding on the food realization, you could book the 7am Pizza Hut flight to Hoboken or the 915am Hot Dog Heaven flight to Portland."

What a wonderful idea. I already know about theme flights. I recently learned that Hooters operates a flight to South Carolina, and I read in Allure just this morning that there is a nude flight from Miami to Cancun. Perhaps all flights should have a theme. There could be tons of them! The "Stuffy Business Flyer" flight. The "I Haven't Flown In A While" flight. The "I'm Returning Home From Disney World With My Kids and Need Extra Overhead Bin Space for All the Shit They Made Me Buy" flight. Possibilities are really endless.

Now for the food flights, I know what flights I would take. I would definately fly the Pizza Hut Flight, in addition to the Burger King flight to Monte Carlo, the Taco Bell flight to Dallas, and the Arby's flight to Denver. I would not, however, book the Mighty Taco flight to Mexico (cause I don't like MT) or the Ponderosa flight to Cheyenne (could you imagine the restroom after four hours??)

On a side note, I am willing to bet the people on the nude flight from Miami to Cancun would be enjoying a Vegan Flight, which served all vegetables and soy burgers. Here's hoping!

Are there any flights that you'd like to see? Please comment below (I welcome all comments as long as you aren't mean!)


CG said...

Could I please have the _no_ screaming kids, _no_ people that move their seat all the way back the moment we take off until we land, _no_ people next to you that feel they need to learn your entire life story, _no_ endless lines before the flight, _no_ deep vein thrombosis in my legs cuz i'm cramped up so bad in my seat, _no_ Catherine Zeta Jones movie flight?

Anonymous said...

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