Monday, May 09, 2005

What Do We Love? PAIN!

I heard a vicious rumor this weekend that Jennifer Garner was PG so I decided to troll around E!Online to find out if it was true or not. Let me tell you - these days, E!Online is the only place to get decent news these days unless you want to hear about county budget cuts or kids missing in South Dakota. So I find this article that says she is pregnant, but it's not confirmed by either camp yet.

However, I also found this nice little article about Starbucks not carrying Bruce Springsteen's newest CD in their stores because of racy lyrics. Well I say, what a bunch of PRUDES.

Here you go folks - yet another reason to BAN the Bucks - they DISSED THE BOSS!

Now I should tell you that it's not like I'm a raging fan of Bruce Springsteen. I like the Hungry Heart, I enjoy jamming to Born in the USA at a nice fireworks show like every other red blooded American. But I was none too happy with his consistant references to Bono's mullet as U2 was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Like he didn't have one too! He's just jealous cause he doesn't have his own IPod. But I digress, because any chance to highlight Starbucks in a negative light is good, and if I have to pretend that I care that Bruce's album isn't being sold there, then so be it - I will!

Isn't this just an outrage? Stupid Starbucks and their stupid overpriced house blend that keeps people up all night!

Down with Starbucks!

Oh, and here's a fun story. The other day I was going to the doctors and on the way I drove by the Horton's and the line up in the drive thru was out into the street. Well I drove by the Starbucks and their drive thru lane was empty. Zero people were waiting for that swill! People can't afford 5 bucks every morning! Get with it!

I wonder if I should send a link to my blog to starbucks...I could come up with some good ideas on how to increase customer volume in the a.m. Most notibly, NOT HAVING IT TAKE 20 MINUTES FOR A CUP OF HOUSE!

In closing, I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!


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