Thursday, May 26, 2005

POW - but not a Prisoner of War!

A few years back my friends and I were tossing around the idea of renting a Winebago and going to Las Vegas. Once we looked into it realistically we realized it would cost a small fortune to do that. I always think about it though, thinking about how fun it would be to go cross country, sit up in the drivers seet and give everyone the "Free Pizza" arm. Well imagine my surprise when my friend V wrote this in an email this morning.

"I will be on vacation that week! Chris and I and my bro-in-law and wife are taking a road trip up north that week. We're renting a 30ft RV that's fully-loaded (can you say that about an RV?). I am so disappointed I won't be around for the party! But who knows? The POW may just have to swing by Allentown! POW stands for Party on Wheels by the way."

This really made me smile! First cause it's so cool to be doing it, second, she's calling it the Party on Wheels. I wish the Party on Wheels would swing by Cheektowaga and pick my sorry ass up!!!!

So the dream is not over. Maybe one day I'll rent the big RV and take the plunge. But I need to find someone foolish enough to drive it. (Although I'll do the Pizza Arm...)


Mgram said...

What's the "free pizza arm?"

Lori said...

Allow me to explain. Did you ever got a Picasso's menu that had the words "FREE PIZZA" really big on it? It's on top of the coupons they send out.

Well if you say the words "Free Pizza" while doing the trucker air horn with your arm, that is the "Free Pizza Arm."

Try it today on the way home from work and see the smiles you get. Everyone loves Free Pizza!

Karen said...

Two girlfreinds and I also dreamed of renting an RV and setting off, across country. We were going to pay our way along by having me win karaoke contests. We would call ourselves "The Winnebabes." :)