Tuesday, May 10, 2005

O is for Other, P is for People's Scratchin' Temple

Well, Well, Well, only to me and only on this fine Tuesday morning could these things happen.

One of our retired vice presidents who is still employed on a consultant basis just stopped into my office to see if I had a copy of last night's Buffalo News. I didn't, but I said I could look something up online if he wanted me to. He was looking at me kind of funny, so I said "If I have some keywords I can do a search for it," and he kind of hesitated, still looking at me funny and said "Oh, OK." I turned to my computer, pulled up Buffalo.com and realized something rather harsh. My lovely, lovely surround sound speakers, which were up a little bit too high for this time of day, were blasting out "You down with O.P.P. yeah you know me! You down with O.P.P. yeah you know me! Who's down with O.P.P, every last lady!"

I quickly pressed pause, but I think the damage is done. I gave him his articles, he left and it slowly washed over me, the realization of what just happened. Sweet Mother of God, the man probably thinks I'm some sort of PERV! I'm supposed to be "management" for crying out loud. I'm Lori. I write the president's memos and emcee speeches and I listen to horrible 90s rap about other people's you-know-whats. I'm not a good person.

Might I add that this is only on my computer cause I made a mix CD for my friend and I put it on my computer before I mailed it to her. I thought she'd enjoy the throwback to the 90s! What a mistake!

Not a good day my friends, not a good day!


JimmyD said...

Don't worry Lori. I'm down with that shit, yo.

Anonymous said...

everyone's down wit O.P.P., fo' shizzle

Anonymous said...

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