Friday, May 06, 2005

Best You Can Do Is To Fake It

Shiver me timbers - I have been neglecting the Blog again! It's been over a week since my last updates and I'm sure you kiddies are on the edge of your seats, checking on Dude, WTF each day to see what comes out of my head. Well I don't have much.

Tonight I will be traveling to the Great Nation of Canada (this is how PJ refers to them) to trade my U2 tickets with this girl who I found online after posting to Wire and U2 Tour discussion boards. She seems normal, and nice, so if my dead, lifeless corpse comes floating up Niagara River in a few weeks after I've been missing since this evening, please know that we have been emailing back and forth for a few weeks now, so if you can crack my password you can get her email address and find out her home address and have her arrested. It's the least you can do for crying out loud. Oh, and please come to my funeral. I once told my mother I would be VERY offended if my funeral wasn't standing room only. How sad would it be to have HALF the church be empty....After the mass, go have a nice party and eat Nachos, that is how I'd like it to be! But please make sure my U2 bootlegs get a good home and aren't throw away when they bring the bulldozer in to clear out my room.

Onward - I am very excited because the whole picking up the tickets (and risking death!) is the only thing I have to do tonight. Can I get a wut wut!?! I had something every night this week and now I'm free free free until tomorrow morning and then I have the Breast Cancer Survivor Luncheon. We have 430 people registered and I'm excited, that is 150 more than last year. Go Robert, it's your birthday.

Speaking of Breast Cancer - have you registered for the 5th Annual Susan G. Komen Western New York Race for the Cure? It will be held on Saturday, June 11th, 2005 at the Delaware Park Rose Garden. Join my team - we rock! Go here and click on I agree and then choose Join a Team and search for Team Vallon. My team's gonna win! If you can't come on Race day, consider making a donation to our Team - it is very much appreciated!

So last night I wrote my final paper. I have to say it was very uninspiring as it was late and I had two hours before midnight to get it done, but I really didn't care. I just wanted to get it done, hand it in and be DONE with it. Graduation is next week and I still have to get my cap and gown, which I think is overpriced. It's like 80 bucks. I'm only wearing it once for crying out loud! I have seen shirts that were 30 bucks and I'd say "oh, that's too expensive," and I'd actually wear them more than once. Dude, WTF! I guess it's all good cause school is done. Done like a dinner! WHEEEE!!!!

If you would like a free ticket to my graduation, you just let me know. I get 12 tickets and I'm only use three. I know you think that is odd because my brother is going to be in town and you'd think he'd be attending. But you'd be wrong. He doens't "want to." Does he realize I didn't like sitting through his damned Eagle Scout freaking badge presentation? But I did it! And sure, maybe I did it for the free cookies and punch with sherbert in it, but I DID it nonetheless! Some people are selfish. And I don't have to pretend I like it.

Oh, this is exciting. We have a new program at work that provides arbitration and dispute resolution. For a while they didn't have a name, because we were changing their current one to something that fit the agency better. So the IS department started referring to them as Fight Club. And it has stuck! Now, if one of them goes there they say "I'm going to Fight Club," or, "I was just at Fight Club." Don't they know the first rule of Fight Club is that we don't TALK about Fight Club?? They will when they read this!

Have a great weekend, and if you have some time and need a laugh, take a look here. It's fun!

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