Monday, May 23, 2005

Team Challenge

So you all know I'm doing the Race for the Cure right? Well I formed my team - Team Vallon once again. Well doesn't my friend Robert decide to get all up in my GRILL about his fundraising is all higher than mine. This conversation ensued:

Robert: WHAT YOU UP TO?I am up to $170 raised... how about you?

Me: Shut your ass up. I got 25 bucks...
I can't help it dude, all my friends are doing the race! Why didn't you join my team free-ack?

Robert: CUZ I have my OWN TEAM! BEEACH

Me: What are you - the wavey gravey team? [his last name rhymes with the words wave and brave!]

Robert: ROTFLMFAO!!!!! and no..


Well had I know we could form a team with a swear word in it, I'd have been all OVER that shiznit. As it stands, we are Team Vallon.

You can support Team Vallon here!! DONATE NOW!