Wednesday, June 29, 2005


So last week, after I posted that picture of Michael, I looked at some porn here at work, then I had to clean out my cookies. Whilst doing so, I cleaned out my sign in information for Blogger. So yesterday I tried to login and post something and entered my info and Dude, WTF wasn't coming up so I could edit it. I was very confused. I became convinced that something wasn't showing up on my computer and began spewing obscenities about Microsoft Internet Explorer and how they were trying to F me! So today I tried again and nothing. I went to Jeffrey's computer and tried there. Nothing. Jeffrey says "Do you have more than one login?"


Yeah Yeah Yeah, I DO have more than one I guess - I just didn't know it cause I'm a retard. So if I ever forget, remind me that my username is notoriouslav! And then call me a reet right to my face cause I deserve it.

Work has been really, busy lately, I seem to be getting a ton of stuff handed to me. I sure wish I had some monkey intern here to hand the stuff to them, then I could put my feet up, sip a hawaiian punch and relax. But I digress.

Monday night I was to attend a roller hockey game at the Pepsi Center but I forgot about it until about 7 p.m. that night, when it was starting. And boy, am I mad. I found out from Ryan that they had what is called a "Bench Clearing Brawl." Is everyone out there familiar with this? I had to repeat the phrase to myself a few times before I mastered it, and now it's right up there at the top of the charts of things I like to say, right there with "That's what I'm talkin' bout" and "I nearly pissed myself." Try to use it in a sentance today, it's fun.

Anyway, back to the brawl. I guess the opposing team was starting some crap with Kevin (W - the daddy) and Ryan's team and the opposing team's GOALIE got in on the brawl, which I hear NEVER happens. So then everyone from the opposing team was off the bench so everyone from Kevin and Ryan's team got off their bench and it was every man for himself, they were all pairing off, except for the case of a man that was being held down by Kevin and some other player, who Ryan considered skating over to, but then realized to himself "what was I going to do, kick him?" I told him he should have given him the wet-willy. The best part about the brawl was that everyone in the Pepsi Center came running over and was staring through the glass to check it out, even the figure skaters! Isn't that exciting? If I had been there I would have been beating my fists on the glass and yelling CRUSH THEM or something very cuthroat. I will be attending their next game on July 11th so if you know any other cuthroat sayings please let me know and I will cross my fingers for another brawl, then use those sayings. I must say - violence is the best when it's used for my entertainment. Otherwise I have no use for it....

I found the funniest freaking blog today - so funny that I wanted to STEAL stuff and post it here (like I wrote it myself). But that is just wrong! So what I'm gonna do is post the addy here so you can visit this blog and see for yourself what I was laughing about. Do it, do it, do it (picture me saying that like Ben Stiller did in Starsky and Hutch.)

The Casual Friday

So does anyone else share the opinion that Tom Cruise has gone a little bit crazy cakes? I like him, and I want to see his new movie, but the whole Katie Holmes thing still has me scratching my head, and the man needs to seriously, seriously chat with his publicity rep (his sister) who should inform him that going on TV shows and talking about how you know more than DOCTORS do about depression and medication and challenging the interviewer and jumping up and down on sofas going haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa and scaring Oprah just ain't good. That's the kind of shit that'll get ya labeled Crazy Cakes by LoriV. Well, almost all that stuff - scare Oprah all you want, I have no use for that POS.

Oh, and I wanted to include a photo to break up all this text but I don't have any new pictures of the baby or anything good to post so you are getting the old standby - Bono sereneding me with "With or Without You" and me yelling at him because I don't like that song that much. (I like it a little, not a lot. Let's put it this way, if I never heard it again I'd be OK. And no, you cannot call me a non-fan cause I don't like one song. 50 million U2 fans CAN be wrong.)

AND finally - I learned that with MSN Messanger you can play games like Wheel of Fortune and Mahjong, in addition to chatting, and I LOVE it! You should all download it! Version 7.0 is where it's at!


(I tricked you when I told you I looked at porn, didn't I? DIDN'T I? Mooohaaaa)