Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Life's Lesson's Learned

Cheryl's First Day of Summer Vacation with Baby Jack!
by Cheryl B. (the mother)

I decided after Jack's afternoon nap and BATH to take him with me to the landscaping place. I had to return a dead plant and buy a new one and it was such a nice day yesterday. I was feeling great and Jack was in a wonderful mood! So at the store the guy tells me to go outside and mill around for a new plant. I took Jack with me (in my arms) and he was getting heavy. There was NO WAY I was going to put my little man into one of those DIRT FILLED carts. I found the plant I wanted and bent down to look at the price. As I did so I set Jack down. Now, before I go any further I must tell you that the whole ground was bone dry (except for 2 little mud puddles). So I turn my head to look at the price and then look back at Jack................who is now sitting his tiny butt in the DIRTY mud puddle. He was soaked and dirty!!!!! He continued to splash around and play. I could no longer carry him all wet and dirty, so there I was begging the one year old to please hold my hand. On the way home he had to sit on a blanket or else his carseat would be full of mud. And that leaves us yesterday to bath number 2! Nice huh? Moral of the story - Use the DIRT FILLED carts that the nursery provides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you all know how I speak of Baby Jack - do you think he's really capable of this? He's so cute and loveable and good!
I shant believe it!
And I'm not sure of the nursery she went to but for a nursery it doesn't sound very child friendly...