Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hosed at the SPoT!

This morning I toted my cookies all the way down to the SPot Coffee on Delaware and Chippewa because we were going to talk about the Race for the Cure on the Spot 2 Be - which airs live at 6:15. So there I am, 6:05 in the morning, searching for a place to park where the meter lady won't hose me. So I pull up to the joint and don't I see that rosy cheeked bastard from American Idol, old Carrot Top himself, John Stevens, walking in the door with his pasty faced friend. OK to be fair his friend wasn't pasty faced, he looked kind of normal. And of a normal weight compared to this Stevens kid - his jeans must have been purchased in the boys department.

So I learned there were three events they were promoting that morning - ours, something at St. Mary's School for the Deaf and something at Williamsville HS, hence the rosy cheeked crooner. We were first. Rock on! We had to stand off to the side because there were so many of us and I had to leave my purse away from me, which is not something I do very often. If I ever lose my purse, I'm nailed, so I always like to keep it at the ready. So I put it down on a chair with my keys and my morning copy of the Buffalo News. I like to buy it at least twice a month, seeing as I write it off as a business expense each year. But I digress.

My purse is the chair and I notice the Stevens boy is very close to it. We were standing very close together and I whispered to Kristen, "bastard better not try any funny business." I mean, he's nice and all, whatever, but it's a nice purse. Plus, he's probably used to getting free stuff. Luckily he didn't try anything. He did his little interview and he was only there as a pawn, he had to defer to his friend to do all the talking about the event. He was just there for some red eye candy!

So anyway, while he seemed nice and didn't steal my purse, the moral of the story is trust NO ONE! You never know when they might decide to go crazy and steal your phony purse.

And if you are a Steven's fan, I do apologize for calling him a rosy cheeked bastard - it just fit. He might be very sweet and kind and normal. But you didn't see him giving the ADULTS any autographs, did ya???



TradOral said...

There's only one rosey cheeked bastard and its not the American Idol loser!!

The rosey cheek bastard I'm talking about works at the one & only Store 87!

How DARE you put that name on someone else.

I'll let it go this time, but please find a new name for Mr. Stevens.

Anonymous said...

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