Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Irony

So I just went to the Zootopia portion of (basically just message boards for fans that I sincerely hope the band never looks at.) Anway, someone started a discussion titled "Larry's Hair" and started it off with this.

"Someone just posted about Larry's hair in the general section, but I thought it should be mentioned here too. Larry, what was going on with your hair tonight at the Grammys? I will always think your a hottie, but the hair tonight? Please do not grow it out. I liked it better when it was shorter.Did anyone like his hair tonight at the Grammys????"

I swear it was not me, this is the first time I've been to the forum section. But please tell me you think I'm just a little LESS crazy now! I'd appreciate that!

1 comment:

CG said...

Lori ... don't you think that it proves that there are people out there just as crazy as you? That doesn't make you *less* crazy. :)