Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Best Day Ever!

OK - we all know how I feel about the Buffalo News. Well I decided to pick up a copy anyway this morning and boy am I glad I did. There's a nice article on the front page that proclaims "Adelphia will offer 'triple-x' adult films." According to the News, under founder John Rigas Adelphia avoided adult programs on moral grounds. I find that hilarious - moral grounds? He can bilk the company out of millions but he won't run a skin flick? HA! Haha! Anyway, they have now lifted the ban and have decided to "offer the most explicit brand of adult movies to cable subscribers in WNY and other parts of the country."

Is this the best day ever or is this the best day ever??

Of course the biggest article was accompanied by a wonderful picture of W (Cheney was in there too - he managed to unhook himself from his heart monitor). I am sad to announce that I missed the State of the Union. I was too busy watching a rerun of the Ashlee Simpson show. She just commanded my attention more...


WTFKEV said...

Hmmm it seems I need to take a peek at this Buffalo News thing. Sounds very intersting.

Anyway, I'm glad Adelphia has agreed to offer PORN via cable. I can't wait to see my favorite porn stars in HDTV & 5.1 Surround Sound. That would be awesome and I can't wait!!!

CG said...

porn is good .. mkay?

Anonymous said...


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david michael

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