Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mutant Kitty and the Amazing Race

Well last night was the finale of the Amazing Race and I was none too thrilled about the results. Freddy and Kendra, the "engaged models" were the big million dollar winners, just beating out Kris and Jon who were actually nice people, didn't crab at each other when the going got tough, and who didn't make fools out of all Americans by proclaiming that "Africa is dirty, the people are dirty and they just keep breeding." But then again, maybe some people like engaged models more than I do.

In any case, I went to my friend Jessica's to watch the finale and catch up and finally see her new house which is very nice. Here is where things get interesting. Jess and Steve (her husband) own this mutant kitty who I swear is straight out of Love Canal. I don't know that much about cats but I know this much. When you look at their paws, you just see normal paws. Not this cat. There were some extra apendages on the front - two on EACH paw to be exact. And more on the back foot. So I learned that cats should have 18 toes in total. Not this cat! This cat has 23. When I questioned them I heard something about an island and breeding of cats with multiple toes and I don't remember much after that. (For all you Star Wars fans, the cat was named Yoda.) To its credit, he was very friendly and nice and didn't hiss at me or bite my hand as I gave it some Pounce Tuna Treats. Props to me for even touching the Tuna Treats - they were labeled "moist." As if that word is necessary on the treats container.

The moral of this? You learn something every day - because I learned all about cats (regular and mutant). Except now I can't get the thought of having 7 fingers on my hand out of my head. I bet QVC has their own staff of scientists doing stem cell research and just working day and night trying to figure out how to get 7 fingers on each hand. The more fingers on a hand, the more Diamonique out the door!

And finally - after two long weeks Alias is back on. (I'll never get over the pre-empting of Alias for W - NEVER!) Tonight I heard Syndey Bristow eats some magic mushrooms and goes a little ape. OKOK - I actually heard she is given a hallucinogen by evil man and I believe she'll make an attempt on her father's life. I made the mushroom part up.

Wait - I lied. Finally we wish a Happy Birthday to my Dork Blog - Happy Birthday Dude, WTF!


Anonymous said...

Yay for mutant kitty! (He really is super cute, just a little freaky looking!) We usually charge $5.00 per person to view this freakshow cat but Lori was a freebie! Anyone interested in a tour?

Liam said...

A friend told me that cats like that are called Polydactyl. She had a cat with opposable thumbs..not that he did anything with them.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » »