Thursday, May 22, 2014

Real Conversations from the Week

Each week I have some fun conversations with people. I felt the need to share a few here.

Co-worker: OMG, who is taking your place?
Me: Silly, that's impossible. I'm irreplacable!
Co-worker: No, really.
Me: (That didn't justify a response, justified a punch in the face!)

Me: Paul look, in my job description it says they want someone that exhibits tact, maturity and diplomacy.
Paul: Must be looking for a change.

Co-worker: You look especially skinny today.
Me: (No response, just fought the urge to open mouth kiss her.)

Me: Mom, I was in last place at the race, the police were right behind me.
Mom: That's good protection. Except if it's the Buffalo Police. Your safety might be in question.

Jeff: Look what I'm buying (sends me photo of Jason Priestley book).
Me: Awesome, can I borrow it when you are done?
Jeff: Of course!
Me: Try not to get the pages all sticky.

Me: Look at the title of this PowerPoint. A Penetrating Study. Huh Huh. Huh Huh.
Co-worker: Oh My God, Lori.
Me: Huh Huh, he said penetrating.

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