Friday, May 23, 2014

More Sage Advice

I'm full of great advice. Ask anyone.

Why just today, my friend posted this photo on Facebook.

This thing (thing is the only name I can use to describe it because I am NOT going to use the word animal) crawled out from under her sink while she was brushing her teeth. The first thought one would have when that happened is to freak right the hell out. I mean, I would. But since it wasn't my house, I could keep a level head and give her this sage advice.  Move.  Just pack your shit and move. Then I thought for another second and said "I take it back. Leave your shit behind. You can buy new shit." Serious, she should just get her keys and her purse and leave. Cause if that came out, chances are there are MORE coming. It's the rainy season after all!

Do you have a problem? Maybe I can help. Send me any issues you might be having and I shall solve them.

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