Friday, March 01, 2013

REAL Band-Aids?? Giggety!

Picture it. August 25, 2012.  I participate in my first race, the Tops 5K, and get two giant boxes of Band-Aids in the goody bag. Me and my cousins lament the fact that we wouldn't have to buy Band-Aids for a very long time.

And here we are today, March 1, 2013.  Here is a text conversation between me and Paul:

Paul: We need more Band-Aids, Jessica cut her foot.

Me: We are the only house I know that could go through 100 Band-Aids in 5 months.  There are a few giant sized ones under the sink, she can use that in a pinch.

Paul: Sink. Got it. OK, she's patched up.  Are we going out at all tonight?

Me: Yeah, we need Band-Aids.

I still don't know where they all went.  Wouldn't you think 100 Band-Aids would last forever? I know a lot of them were ruined when Paul dropped a box of them into the sink when he was shaving. (I walked into the bathroom to find Band-Aids laying all along the counter like some sort of crazy recycling ER wing.)  And of course, thinking we had SO MANY more in the wings I said "Oh we don't need to dry those out, throw them away, we have plenty more, remember the RACE Band-Aids?" Pfft.  How stupid I was. Cause you know what's happening now.  The Allans are going generic.  Bandages (NOT Band-Aids), here we come!

So question for all you moms and dads.  Are your houses the same? Or do you have "normal" bandage use?

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Unknown said...

We use a sickening amount of Band Aids. My daughter asks for them even when her feelings get hurt.