Thursday, February 28, 2013

No Encore for Old Ladies

I asked around for some good Happy Hour spots for a Friday Night and received some great suggestions.  One of which was Encore.  I think that would be fantastic except for one thing.  Encore is the old Hemingways.  Oh, Hemingways, how I miss thee!  I remember your delicious Friday Fish Fry!  I remember your mac & cheese that came with the delicious Friday Fish Fry! I remember coming to you in a dismal state the day after George Bush was re-elected to office and drowning my sorrows in your delicious French fries.  And I remember when you closed and I said to myself "where will I go when I need a Fish Fry?" I know, I know, you say "This is Western New York, you can get a Fish Fry anywhere."  It's just not the same!  I don't have the sweet memories at just any other place. So Hemingways, this one's for you.  Know that you are missed.

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