Saturday, August 02, 2008

Always So Good, for So Little

So tonight was exciting as we journeyed to Swiss Chalet for dinner. The very nice waitress bought us a BIG plate of sauces to go around, three chalets and TWO barbecue sauces (pay attention to this part.) Very nice of her since I was the only one who needed it for my ribs, Paul got just chicken. So I ate some, and told her "oh, I didn't even use this one, do you take it back?" She said no because once it leaves the kitchen, it's considered TAINTED. Well she didn't say those words exactly, but I got the drift. Anyway, we were almost done eating when I noticed that my coupon for $4 off was missing, so we started lifting up all the plates to look for it. No luck. So Paul lifts up the SAUCE PLATE and all of a sudden time stands still as the spare BBQ sauce falls over. Slowly you could see the silouette of the cup as it fell over and you hear "nooooooo." OK maybe that was in my head. But the next part wasn't. The sauce goes all over, landing on the table, the floor, and oh, my capris. And it's hot too, cause they warm that shit up. WTF I say, WTF! I tried wiping it up but of course it's just smearing all over the place. Plus it's all soaked into the jean material and it's cooling down, fast! We had to call the waitress over cause you just know some idiot would step into it, fall and sue. Normally I'd blame it on the kids, but they were nowhere near that sauce, so I did the only thing I could, told them it was HIS fault! As we left I did the walk of shame, holding my purse a little lower as to cover the stain. But we had one more stop to make - the pilgrimage to Hollywood Video. With the giant sauce stain (it was like three inches wide!) So we're walking around the store (purse still covering stain) and Jessica breaks out with "Oh Mommy, your pants smell gooooood."

On a side note, I think they put some sort of drug like crack in that sauce. It's so freaking good, those were some of the best ribs I ever ate. Unfortunately I'll always associate it with "the day of the sauce mess."

He'll be hearing about this for DAYS!

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