Sunday, May 07, 2006

What About A Real Season Yo?

So I'm watching Desperate Housewives right now and I just saw an advertisement for the Season Finale of What about Brian? Well Yo, wasn't it just a few weeks back (like four) that I was writing about the Season Premier of What about Brian? Since when was five shows enough to get someone hooked, give them the finale and expect that they would come back? Unless you are talking about Deal or No Deal. Which, by the by, is so damned dramatic. I like how Howie all pumps it up and is like "You'll find out after this commercial break." You know they are going to screw the pooch anyway, they are going to say No Deal when they are offered $200,000 cuase they are hoping for more. Dude, I'd take the $200,000! When else would you be offered up that sort of money. Take it stupid!

On a side note, this DH episode is wicked boring. I was so bored whilst watching that I logged onto my work account to check email. Now you KNOW it's boring then.

On another side note, we have had no heat in our apartment for the past two weeks. Which was fine up until last night, when I think it was like 30 degrees or some shit, and in my apartment it was like 62 and I'm not used to that anymore. It was like being back at my parent's house when I used to have to put my feet underneath the matress while on the computer just to warm up. I had to put on long pants, a sweater and my fuzzy socks and bring an extra blanket into bed. I should call maintenance, but I always forget until the weekends when I'm here and I'm freezing. Perhaps I should email them right now! That would be the smart thing to do.

DH still boring....

I have had a craving for ice cream for about three hours now and there is none to be found in my freezer. I'm thinking about knocking on the neighbor's doors to ask around. Think anyone else in the building would think that was wierd? I mean, one time I did lend a can opener to my neighbor. It would be just like that!

Ice cream.......