Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, for the second time in four months, it's happened again. I got the Bieber Fever. I don't know if it's full fledged "fever," maybe more of a 99.1 degree thing, but still, I'm 34. This is embarrasing. It all started when I took the kids to see Tangled and saw the preview for his new movie. I was like "who is this kid and why are the girls all crazy over him?" But then Baby got stuck in my head. So I kept watching it on Youtube over and over and over again. Like 50 times. Actually I think I only watched it 10 times, the rest I just listened while working on other stuff (aka while on Facebook.) So I finally broke down and downloaded it on Itunes, and put it on a mix CD in my car, but listening in the car just wasn't as fun as listening on my earbuds. I don't know if it was the sound or what, but I fell off. I suspect it was that I was slightly mortified at the thought that blaring the Bieber while driving to work would be the clue that I had the fever, whereas listening on my earbuds no one had to KNOW I was listening to it! So last night Pauline fixed my Itunes which had locked me out for some reason (technology, my best friend, my worst enemy.) So what do I do? I download Never Say Never. Yeah, that's right. Me and Biebs. We never say never. So I listened to that 10 times before bed, got into my car this morning to listen to my new mix CD (made before I downloaded Never Say Never), and of course put Baby back on. When will this madness stop? I don't know, but I suspect the shitty rap by Jaden Smith in the middle of Never Say Never will be what makes me finally stop listening. Jaden. I know your daddy is a famous "rapper" and your momma is beautiful and your sister feels the need to whip her hair back and forth, but could you go finish your schooling and get into a normal career? Like can't you be a plumber or an attorney or something? And take your sister with you. I don't need any more Smiths in my life. I made that determination after Anna Nicole passed.

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