Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Did My Dad Get a New Car??

I had to get a pic of this. Actually I didn't have my phone, so my friend had to get a pic of this. It was parked at work.

I'm guessing the driver put it there so you don't mess with them if you ever have the bad luck of rear ending him/her. If I was ever in such a pickle I don't know what I would do - drive off before they knew what hit them, or call 911?

Now those who knows me, know I'm pretty open. I'm respectful of people's beliefs, I can have a discussion about politics or religion, and traditionally I remain calm if people are on different sides. And normally I get a kick out of people who have bumper stickers like this. My father has one that says "The 2nd Amendment Ain't About Duck Hunting." I tried to explain to him that the people who are against guns don't care about his hunting rifle - that they are an issue because so many people have them illegally, but I've learned that arguing with my father is like spinning class. It takes a ton of effort, it's painful, and at the end you are in the same place you started. So I don't do it anymore. But I felt compelled to tell you all that I don't feel threatened by my dad's sticker so much as I do by the one above.

Seriously, now. Seriously? I can only surmise one thing. This truck is driven by a total d-bag. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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